Israeli Spyware Maker Is in Spotlight Amid Reports of Wide Abuses


Israeli firm uses windows zero days to deploy spyware microsoft and citizen lab have linked israeli spyware company. Candy also tracked as sour gum to new windows. Spyware dubbed devil's tongue deployed using now patched windows. Zero day vulnerabilities. Candy row is a secretive israel based company. That sells spyware exclusively. The government's explained citizen lab and their spyware can infect and monitor. Iphones androids max. Pc's and cloud accounts citizen lab also tied over seven hundred and fifty websites to kangaroos spyware infrastructure finding that many of these domains mimicked domains representing media companies and advocacy organizations including amnesty. International and. Black lives matter. Cyber attacks increased seventeen percent in first-quarter. Twenty twenty one with seventy seven percent being targeted attacks this according to a new positive technologies cybersecurity threats scape q. One twenty twenty one report cybercriminals typically attacked government institutions industrial companies and science and education institutions. The main motive for attacks on both organizations and individuals remains acquisition data. Other findings in the report include. That ransomware is still the malware that is most often used by attackers. That the most popular vulnerabilities for attackers. This quarter were microsoft exchange server acceleration and sonic wall. Vpn and that more cybercriminals are developing malware to conduct attacks on virtualization environments another unpacked bug in windows prince. Buhler microsoft is warning of another vulnerability in its windows print spooner that can allow attackers to elevate privilege to gain full user rights to assist them this follows they're patching of two other remote code execution bugs that collectively became known as print nightmare. Microsoft released a new advisory late. Thursday for the vulnerability tracked as cv. Twenty twenty one dash three four four eight one microsoft credited dragos vulnerability researcher jacob baynes for identifying the issue. The vulnerability exists when the windows print spoiler service improperly performs privileged file operations

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