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Words. The rest of Florida high rise will be coming down. I'm Pam who so Fox News officials in Surfside say the site where of Florida condo tower collapsed, is unstable, posing a danger to first responders. Miami Dade Mayor says she signed an emergency order to demolish the remaining part. Of the Champlain towers. It is just too dangerous. The mayor says. It's going to take at least a few weeks until engineers can safely bring it down. They are willing to demolish the tower. Even if there are searches in the rubble that are ongoing. Fox has met Finn. The number of dead rose yesterday to at least 22 more than 125. People remain on accounted for. About five miles away. In North Miami Beach. Residents of a high rise apartment building were evacuated officials citing unsafe conditions in the coming days. Stormy weather could impact the rescue effort in Surfside. Hurricane Elsa is approaching Haiti and the Dominican Republic. See how close it gets the Florida early next week really late Monday, Tuesday, and perhaps into Wednesday, across the Southeast at this point for the U. S. For Florida, we think it will be a tropical storm rather than a hurricane. John Cangelosi with the National Hurricane Center. Many Americans will travel over the Fourth of July weekend, and the same goes for President Biden Saturday.

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