A highlight from GINGER STACHE: Chief Creative Officer to Pastor & Mogul Joyce Meyer


Interviewing just incredible women across the board and you are such an amazing woman. You have such a huge tidal. You are the chief creative officer. For joyce meyer and for anyone. Who doesn't know who joyce meyer is. She is like a god guru. But i feel like she is like super real about it like i like. Maybe that's why people gravitate towards joyce said of. Maybe other religious figures like she leaked tells it to you frank and she isn't scared to like talk about really hard bangs in an honest way. She doesn't sugarcoat stuff. I feel i do feel that way. She's the real deal. that's why i love her. You know that's why she's a friend and someone that i love working for in west because yes she tells it like it is no one can make you feel a little bit slapdown but still good about it like joyce can lead. This is how it is and this is how it can be better because that's what we're all looking for. Well an ice struggle. I mean just to be honest with you. My podcast is called get real. I struggle a lot sometimes is like hardcore religious facts because sometimes it feels so intense in it feels like exclusive and it feels. I don't know like overwhelming. I feel like you can't quite navigate it or you have to become this perfect person to be affected into the religious community. And i feel like i thought a lot of people may be struggle with that. So what is your take on being involved with a big one of the biggest christian religious organizations in talk all about your accomplishments. But i kind of just want to set the stage for your background. But how what is it like behind the scenes like being running alongside with joyce this huge god organization that affects so many people. I mean if you are in if you're in the religious community all you have heard of joyce meyer. She is like top of the top. So what does that light being behind the scenes though of this. Yeah well my role is to be in charge of all of the media areas. So i'm responsible for television radio online books publications every place that we get that message out so of course it is a big organization and there are a lot of wonderful people or wouldn't work so i'm very very grateful to work with so many talented people but this is why it works. And i've i've worked in other organizations and other christian places as well but what we're doing boil down to something very simple and that is to share message of the love of christ and to also help people in practical ways so when you boil it down to all of that. It's not about perfection. No one is going to be that joyce certainly as it. I'm so far from it. So that's not the message. The message really is that no matter what you've been through no matter who you are that there's a loving god who is right there with you and has a plan for you and wants to fill your life with joy and wonder so. Yeah what is it like it so busy in a good way. But there's a lot going on there. A deadlines the live. Thanks to keep going. We have daily television show multiple podcasts. A magazine a website. All the social media so It's it's really really active. But at the same time we are out all over the world sharing practical ways to help people with needs like fresh water and anti human trafficking rescue efforts and feeding programs so because there are so many things the it's the passion of fuels us. It's that passion to do what god asks us to do to love people the way he wants a to Instead of that way that many people think falsely about religion that it is much more a loving relationship and so letting that be what guides us is really what makes it work. And you're talking about one of the The podcast as she does you are one of the hosts on. Talk it out podcasts. Which is joyce meyer's one I don't know where it is. Everywhere you can find podcast. It's like one of the many offspring of the the joyce meyer's foundation Yeah i was watching your video that he posted about one of your latest ones that y'all were talking about which is rejecting rejection and i was really like had bead here this because i i struggle so much with. Why do bad things happen to good people and you wrote this book called chasing one bear. That is all about enjoying the daily wonder live in like finding the good in life. But like on that podcast. You are talking about something that i struggle with which i wanna tied into your book because of how we get to where you go how we get to the theme of your book. What do we do with all the terrible things that are happening in the world with all the suffering in pain. And and you talked about that on that podcast rejecting rejection. Joyce was talking about like you know abuse from her dad. Abandonment firmer hair her mom and then there is a professional athlete. It seemed like they had a big injury with her knees skiing. And like a broker down to ground zero. And but it's all about how i those moments are there to bring us to god. But they're so awful awful and terrible and like you you guys traveling all the world and you go to all these countries you posted a picture of a little girl home in brixton our head in like walking in scorching heat and you know doing this for hours each day to dislike help build her house than it's there in. It's like it's just. There's so much happening in the world.

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