Critics Blast Phylicia Rashad After Her Support of Bill Cosby's Prison Release


The NET crew played bill Cosby's wife on TV is facing criticism for expressing public support for the comedians release from prison less than two months ago for the sure shot was named dean of the Howard University college of fine arts now some people want her dismissed the reason a tweet in response to the overturning of Bill Cosby sexual assault conviction she called that something that righted a terrible wrong and corrected a miscarriage of justice some people online complaining that were shot should not be defending a man accused of drugging and raping multiple women over decades the most extreme critics say were shot should be removed as dean change is unfit to hold a position in which you may have to address sexual assault allegations on campus we shop later tweeted again saying she supports victims of sexual assault Howard acknowledged her clarification and sent her first tweet lacked sensitivity about squirrels Gabriel

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