Trump Justice Department Seized House Democrats' Data


So that question has actually been answered trump one of these investigations to happen the only question which the tippy top people at doj which of the top political officials got this request and said no problem. Feel free to scoop up as much shift and swallow meta data as you think you need. That is such a great point. It just just a pause and emphasize effort second. Did trump request is asked and answered all the time constantly in public constantly constantly constantly. That is not a yes. you're right. that's a great point as theoretical. Then then the question becomes. I mean there's a few things right so who there. There's there's a great mayor mcchord quotas. Georgetown law professor but she was acting head of doj's national security division until may twenty seventeen. Who says under department practice any investigation into an elected official would have been considered a sensitive that have required high level approval. Now whether this was an investigation into an elected official or an elected officials meta data was just scooped up and it might sort of. You know the matter. Who's getting briefed. But you've got to imagine this is getting wrote up the chain at the point where you're going to apple and they're handing you meta data from the ranking member on the house intelligence

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