A highlight from Part 1: Andy Beyer, Richard Migliore, Lee Einsidler, Kelly Breen


A terrific terrific belmont stakes weekend once we once we got the the wayward passing storm out of the way on friday. There was the missed it by just that much I did. I did tweet that there was going to be. You know potential for passing passing shower. I think i called it between three and five. It was a little bit more than a passing shower but overall it did not impact. I shouldn't say that because it definitely impacted that new york then new york steak it. We'll get we'll get to that that that's down. The that's down. The pecking order of things to absorb and enjoy and relish. A out of a particularly the saturday at that was just. You know absolutely near perfect. The the day he had talked about near perfect. How do you not start the day. Just and the coverage by talking about the day that godolphin had as as an organization Because the one two finish for charlie appleby in the just a game and aguilar winning the darby earlier in the day and then capping everything with essential qualities. I would say not retribution. That's that's that's that's a heavy handed word but certainly for those that that kind of rolled their eyes. When when brad cox said when i looked at this source the first time i said this is a belmont winner. Well he was right. So why what can you say was right. I it He was one of those. Oh yeah okay. Well pretty prophetic. Essential quality. And hot rod charlie who ran just an exceptional race just exceptional i in defeat and i thought for certainly certainly brad cox who will. Who's actually on a plane literally right now At nine o'clock so brad tomorrow 'cause he's traveling back to louisville and so we'll get him early in the show tomorrow to recap his weekend. I don't think there's any stakes that he can win today He didn't win the that australasia actually won the the jersey girl yesterday too so he started. He started the week the mid part of the week. Winning couple of steaks at at prairie meadows had a little little valmont stakes success and then capped it off yesterday with The jersey girl So we'll talk to brad tomorrow. Probably expect the hoping to have reached him yet but We expect to have a chance to talk to jimmy bell and let him reflect on the kind of day. It was for the boys in blue. The the fact that the derby winner comes back and wins the belmont. It does put a nice a nice cap on what has been a a difficult and testing five weeks. Let's let's be honest call at four weeks actually and in the wake of the situation out of derby but when you when you carve up the three races and racing history will have the opportunity soon enough to do that right now. We're still in the the immediate aftermath But long term i i. I think it's going to. It's going to be i think well received and it and it's interesting that it is interesting and anti buyers gonna join his first because in the wake of of eddie calling for the change in the triple crown last week. He was absolutely thrilled by the performances of the top pair On saturday he was really impressed. Me to the point reached out to me to talk about it and it is unusual that we get to belmont and it ends up being. At least you know. From a figs standpoint the best performances of the triple crown campaign of the season one. Oh nine buyer for essential quality. One away for hot rod. Charlie and and yes the when. Get a pair horses in fact Had this comment Came out yesterday on twitter. That i responded to affirmatively about two horses pressing each other and extending each other. And i think you got that from these two And yesterday all indications actually that they both you know popped out of it very well. The central quality and hot rod charlie so for these two to be a dozen lengths clear of the preakness winner and known agenda. It gives you gives you pause me that that is that is a i mean a sizeable gap and it's one of the reasons that you know fig is what it is because granted not everybody is going to take to twelve furlongs but let me for these two to be it was eleven and change actually Eleven and a half lengths out ahead and audio. He'll talk about the figure making part because of course there was the brooklyn earlier in the day. But you know nobody's gonna pretend that as well as lone rock ran that you know that his number based on on the clock was going to be what what these two ran and it kind of shows you what the racetrack was doing as the day went on. So and you'll explain that it's actually a very useful comparison between early in the day. I mean the brooklyn when off. I think the earlier than two o'clock one twenty one twenty two post time for the brooklyn so there was five hours plus almost five and a half hours between races. And it shows you how the racetrack in can change and an an all things. This is one thing. And i'm sure richmond or who's was going to join us today and andy old serving join us tomorrow. They can talk about this to the fact that we had the kind of weather that we had and as much water as the race track talk the track played fair made. I think it didn't hurt to be you know on or near. But that's always true at belmont but i the track was not completely there was no. I didn't i didn't hear a lot of grousing about it'll speed favoring and this and such usually when you when you're when you're squeegee ing that racetrack there's there's potential you know that you end up with a bias for a day or two but they were harrowing. I mean e- even on even friday. I mean obviously there was the extra rain but they were harrowing in early and it was obvious on

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