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The boss is coming back to broadway. Bruce springsteen springsteen on broadway will open on june twenty six of the saint james theater as of now it will be the first show to reopen on broadway since the pandemic shut theaters down last march proof of vaccination will be required to attend wonder how that's going to go also in new york city mayor. Bill de blasios. Planning a mega concert for sixty thousand people in central park as part of a homecoming week to show that the city is back from. The pandemic concert is tentatively set for august twenty first and no artists have been announced. Just yet all right joe. This is big sort of except for the proof of vaccination. How's that going to work this out work. It's going to be really complicated. You've shown end so i don't know work through that but yeah especially the those theatres are pretty tight. I think everybody would be a lot more comfortable with that but We'll let everybody sort through that the way they wanted sort through it. Free enterprise i mean. Do you know it's your property. You can do what you wanna do. But really the big news. Very exciting bruce springsteen coming to broadway doing it quickly and then of course the big concert in august great news new york city open for business open for music open for the arts this summer. Yeah and how fitting that springsteen would lead the way back. I think you've seen the show joe. It is one of the most moving performances. I've ever watched in any setting whether it's broadway or a concert or whatever now granted. I'm a kid from new jersey so he is our music but the intimacy of that show and the quiet of that show as opposed to his big stadium. Shows where you're singing along with thunder road and in fact the ushers kind of have to come in when you sit down at this springsteen show and say this is not a stand up and cheer stand up and sing along kind of show it's listening to his autobiographical story. And it's just so powerful. And i think like i say so fitting that. It's springsteen who's going to bring broadway back in june. The rest of broadway will return in september. But he'll be there. Starting in in about a month is really exciting. You know we were just talking around the office. Trying to figure out different packages we can do for new york reopening and we were looking at an august. Day are maybe early. September date for broadway reopening. The boss coming in this quickly since a great message. Great message to everybody that you can get out new york city's opened up a and start enjoying yourself so that's going to be very very exciting me As far as news today goes we did get a report from From capitol hill on the one six commission. It may not be everything that everybody wanted. But it certainly is a start Start asking the right questions about what happened on january. The sex it is and i think it shows. There's a reason to answer more questions. This happened very early this morning. A bipartisan senate investigation of the january. Six capital insurrection released early. This morning highlights the intelligence and personnel failures leading up to and during the attack the report conducted by the both senate rules committee in homeland security and governmental affairs committee details. How ill equipped and underprepared. The capitol police force was while defending the building and also the people inside it for example according to the report of the seven civil disturbance units deployed only four had the protective equipment needed some of which was locked in a bus. There's this line from the report quote. An officer reported hearing lieutenant repeatedly asked over the radio. Does anybody have a plan. The probe also found that neither the fbi newer dhs issued a threat assessment warning of potential violence targeting the capital that day but there were severe limits to what the investigation could uncover. The committee. Say they were not provided with all the request documents including from the d. o. j. dhs and the house sergeant at arms the reports specifically does not address the root causes of the capital attack. The senate committee also did not investigate former president trump's actions that incited the insurrection. Let's bring in. Nbc news correspondent covering national security and intelligence kendall alien and joe. You know as we bring ken in. I think what's frustrating. When you look at these pieces of information that are coming forward and it's great that we're learning more. This is a positive there there is. I mean you. You and i even remember ourselves seeing and reporting on but also hearing about this build up to january. Sixth there was a plan for that day and it appeared the president and his people were even in a tent watching it on it. Unfold with glee right right. Well it's it's not like we're never going to be able to discover anything because there's not. Bipartisan bicameral commission. So i think we need to look at the information we have right now and build on understanding. The fbi is investigating. The senate will continue to investigate the house. We'll continue to investigate. These investigations will go on. Law enforcement will go on so i think it's important for his ken. Thanks so much for being with us. This morning we greatly appreciate it. A couple things stuck out in my mind again where we didn't get all the answers that we would want from a bipartisan commission. But the a couple of things jumped out at me. And i'm curious what your thoughts are one. The intel failure. They explicitly had the warnings. This attack was coming Capitol hill police officers semi intel unit in there and did not pass it on his superiors. You also have the question about the national guard. I think highlighting the fact that the national guard have been burned badly when trumpet order them and during the black lives matter protests the previous summer and were feeling burned by that and that may have caused some of their hesitancy to jump out and go up to the capital and again that the anguished cries from the officer. Does anybody ever planned. Is anybody in the plant. Nobody seemed to have a plan for anything can good morning show. That's right. I think you guys laid it out really well. This was an incredibly frustrating and infuriating report. Both for what's in it and also what's not in it because as you said joe one of the themes of this report was there was a massive intelligence failure here which by the way none of the agencies acknowledged they dispute that there was tells the failure but this report lays it out very clearly. It says

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