A highlight from 'Shake it Off' subtitle: 'Wounded But Not Defeated''

Life in The Word


Describe thank you. And and we thank god or this word that will be brought by our own friend encouraged her anointed young man of god. We thank him for coming on today to share with us at our to thirty service. He is no other than Elder tag quayle davis senior from the liberation church in richmond begin and we thank god for him. And we thank god for his pastors pastor. Jay and pastor ashley for lowering him to calm today to know into this ministry so with known more talking all that we now turn the service over to a much capable berry capable young man. Alga type quayle davis sena mad and kill our crews opened up giants with something fleet. You are not come on. Go ahead and you're not worthy radio and we were braves. Yeah to take a few more rail. Lloyd trimble holiday. Men s begins to lynn tool you. Lord gone the lord of the house and he has shown draw minimum to me the name of burke now. Let's open arms now oakland avenue. I love for brother. Your more by becomes your word that you would you wait around the wall. You will you us today because we believe that you're ready to do something real ready to step into. What the ball ten. You could look how come on know moments like give them britain holland out the last letter. Brewer we re in the name. You've seen this huge e. Excuse me to love who can kill the way. Thank him the today to be a lot. More god man. we are not bad for. He'd been of hope influential ministry. Save your pastor. A man has to marry mallory. Come on the lawyer for her a man because you have been good to Been good to ever see. Call the matt. I am going to make that. I am available and that i am in man. Because she's been there for us they man and so we thank god for her a man. A wheeling faithful a committed that william and that willing to be used by god. And so we thank god for pets. Mary mallory a man we for my pastor. Happy jay and past the ashes hattrick a man in liberation search richmond.

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