How Tech Might Clean up Concrete


Las vegas hosted. Its first in person in this week. Since the pandemic it's called world of concrete and it normally some sixty thousand engineers architects masons contractors not quite a full turn out this year but marketplace senior reporter. Matt levin was there i asked him what kind of tech he'd been seeing. There has been kind of a drive towards more automation. The construction industry still kind of old old school tech right. It's a lot of manual labor. Which is very intensive. And there's been a labor shortage for quite some time. The pandemic has somewhat exacerbated that and so there has been a drive among toolmakers to try to have some of the more labor intensive parts of construction be automated be done by robots. And you've got some sound of a robot. Alice about j. J. biden is a semi autonomous robot. Kind of looks like a meson bony without a driver's seat with a big hydraulic arm. Sticking up and then the hydraulic arm shoots up into the ceiling and starts drilling holes on. Its own so you load a digital plan of what the ceiling and the environment. The robot is working in looks at and then the robot pretty much takes care of the rest. It was pretty impressive to make concrete. You need cement which is responsible for eight percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Are you hearing much about sixteen ability there so some. I think i was expecting a little more conversation about it. I think it is notable head. The major cement manufacturers their trade group issued a statement in november they pledged to go carbon neutral by twenty fifty at that has symbolic importance. This is not an industry that's known for being the most environmentally conscious. The route to get there seems difficult because some men is inherently a carbon emitting substance

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