Google Assistant's Rebecca Nathenson: Come Join the Voice Shortcuts Party


Back in twenty sixteen. We first introduced google assistant because we wanted to help people get things done and we knew that letting them just ask for what they wanted in plain language was the best way to do that since then google assistant has grown to be available in over thirty languages ninety countries and on more than one billion devices hundreds of millions of people every month. Use the assistant to get things done on all kinds of surfaces from mobile phones and smart displays. Tv's cars and more my four year old talks to pretty much everything with a screen expecting to answer and our developers are crucial. Part of this growth. The google assistant team can't build every imaginable capability that our users need those hundreds of millions of users have millions of interests the developers just like you can deliver on for my son's favourite games to our families video chats to that perennial favourite in our household. He google tell me you monster trucks story. in fact queries fulfilled by developers. Apps have more than doubled in the past year and we know that this is the wave of the future as the platform grows the variety of queries will grow to and that's where our ecosystem truly shines. Just want a more natural way to get what they need. They want to get more of what they need. In that natural way it's natural in that users can just say what they want natural because it's not tied to a single device or service natural because with the understanding of context. We and you can be smart about how we step in and help users before the even ask for the help today i wanna share the changes and enhancements. We have coming for every place that google assistant pierce from app actions for android developers to conversational action

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