Harry and Meghan Announce Birth of Second Baby, Lilibet Diana


Harry and again had their baby girl and they named her little bit lily bit diana now i think having a middle name be. Diana was not a big surprise. I think a lot of people predicted that. Somehow someone did put out little bit a while ago and i don't know where i saw it but it was definitely before they announced that that was the name and then a juicy scooper wrote to me and said. Do you think it's a little bit of diana is maybe you're like heather. This is in every paper. But i'm just saying. I just got it and i thought a little bit of diana. She's a little bit of diana. Anyway congrats to all the young mothers running around montecito. that wanna be friends or go to the same preschool. Once you become friends with megan taylor. She's got an invitation. Here at juicy scoop okay joe joe see well as a big weekend in la. There were a three day. Gay pride festival going on. I think it ended up at the coliseum but every day were parties and on june fourth. Police unfortunately were called to joe. Joe's was house responding to a medical emergency. Apparently thirty year old man had odid according to tmz and the information they got from their paramedics. Hopefully he is okay. But the question was was a thirty year. Old guy doing at joe's house believe she's only nineteen or maybe she is thirty. I don't even know like ponytail is still going strong and i just hope that in just being authentic selves. She is able to take that pony. A lot of people are concerned about her hairline. There was a conversation about it on my facebook group to see scoop obsessed other people weighing in that. They were prima ballerina. They were really sharp hotel for long time and it did affect their hair line long-term so there is a lot of concern of when she's just going to release that ponytail and just like let herself be

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