A highlight from London Hughes: A Joke about Foot Fetishes


Take flakes. back from a major porn channel. I felt like. I should start day in story though i thought online day which was great and i met this guy who chatting online and he had a full fish and i knew how to put phase because the a picture of my feet right he was like i did semyonov once i just sent him the other for feet in its. I did this one too. I did that. He loved it. He loves the mahto he loves it. He likes mottos in different positions. You let that allo. Towards it's total window. Ledge fucking fucking and tofu. Sometimes you and. I was pictured in tow sexton for like a week after that. He wanted to see me toes in your life that i wanna see other so. I met him at crap junction train station in south london. It was winter and now it's obvious. Okay let me know lie. I was broke. I was wearing flog boots on. And i met him. I gave him a hug. Me back the good to see you can get your no. No no were well. I don't care about the shoes. I care about the feet in the shoes. Why your feet in those very shoes. The needs to be free. I was like thank you. I just told people please come down. I'd love another. If you just took the shoes off the tape to taken out. Harry shoes take them off. No now think of new shoes on the train tracks with cau- and buy me some new shoes he did he took me to. Howard is the most yet expensive off department. Store in the whole of europe is so fucking boozy. It's the only store you can go in and buy a tv and a real life lion on talking to hire eighteen. I'd never been inherits before so we'll catch up our gonna look at the money. I found out the black woman in pretty woman that didn't exist just amazing and he told me to the shoe department in harvard and there was some expensive suits and it was just waterboard. Spent virtues now is that he took a pair of shoes. aqa even pronounced No no no. No no no connects issues. The shoes they should come for free cocktail. Why those shows and i put on celebrities. Before my life dumpling. These shoes on and trying to like a professional human. And i'm not bambi on is just trying to struggle with these mino- i know i'm doing an. Oh my they cost. Twelve hundred houses were rent. He pulled me rent shoes k. I had branches on my. I was bred. Laurie a member walking into his bedroom bus an open. The door and i was taken aback startled. I was surprised. I was shocked because he's very to whoa whoa of designer women's shoes and i was i was in awe and he came up behind me and it was seen lying. Can use like all. This could be your across the west. This could be on accident. The fuck fuck the good effects. He gifted me a pair. Oj ask him for six weeks. i got twelve. I want to marry him. Remember his name stream london hughes to catch a dick. Only on that

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