A highlight from #473: Lesbian Runners Share Their Stories


Welcome to another mother runner. This is sarah. I'm joined by. Amanda loudon alot amanda. I'm doing good. I am good. What are you working on these days. Writing wise I actually just turned in a shoe review two little while ago so making me have flashbacks to my two. Decades is the shoe editor at shaping. Who's who's at four and was it running shoes. yeah they were It was the new spartan trail running shoe. Which is made by kraft. And i never try to craft product before the other clothing and actually i was kind of blown away by how much i love the shoe. I did not know for folks who are wondering that's craft with a c. Not a k talking about macaroni and cheese shoes. Also so i didn't. I didn't know. I certainly know that craft makes a payroll. They make one of my favorite running vests. But i didn't know they made shoes. Yeah i think maybe this is a newer. Where i not really sure. But it's i mean the the partnership between the two companies is new. So but i mean they nailed it. I loved this. Show the for for my personal preferences. Right everyone's friend so yeah. Yeah well that that is awesome. You have shoes are such a personal preference. I mean i am so in love with the So i run tokyo shoes and they just upgraded the phantom So you know. I the phantom one phantom too and i'm like yeah you change the colors. Yeah so what. Oh my gosh. The improvements they made just give me such a spring in my step yet. It it's not a sloppy shoe. They've the the laces associate but they made the latest kind of stretchy and it makes all the difference. Just love with it but the thing is is that i had stockpiled some fan the original phantom because i was like oh you know i am bottom from during the pandemic i wanted to support our local running store and have like only want to wear the phantom tune. Now oh my gosh so good so good so i hear you are stepping on some things when you're running. It's very crunchy around here right now. We have the seventeen year. Cicadas out about in the mid atlantic. It's insane. I mean i. I remembered it from seventeen years ago. But i don't know what's going on this time. Well there's all kinds of they have some sort of a fungus this time which makes them even noisier and crazier and you know it's all about sex. I mean they they they crawl out and then immediately go into overdrive. Trying to attack attract their mates. It's I live in a very Tree filled neighborhood and so they they client but they climb out of the ground. They shed their shells. Kind of on the tree trunks and they make their way up to the top to the canopies and add recreate your procreate up there and The eggs you know end up in the ground and it all starts all over again But it goes on for about a month here word about week three of just. The noise is just unreal. I mean it really is and then when you're running you know they kind of they're flying into you and you're stepping on. My dog is making a stomach ill every day because he eats so many. It's just a little over. It's a really cool phenomenon but the novelty is gone now so much i mean i'm certainly heard about it on npr. And and but. I mean how like in. Let's say you went on a five mile run. How many cicadas would hit you like. Run into you while you're running. Maybe you know three to five. It's more about the looked at ground is covered. You can't i mean it's either. It's either coverage with shells or carcasses or live ones.

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