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Welcome to true. Mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often obscured by the of time. I'm your host kit crum and a little note here to say that there's a lot of people that are either part of an event or witnessing event and are never willing to talk about it and a lot of times those who talk to me about. It don't want their names used as was the case in today's mystery. And let me remind you to keep listening after this mystery. For the gillette brag dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series. Chapter eight the right now oregon's mermaid mermaids have been of seafaring stories going back to christopher columbus much like ufo's bigfoot sightings mermaid sightings have been sketched by primitive island natives photographs and more recently videotaped christopher columbus in fourteen ninety three put down in his ship's log that today crew watched to mermaids circle portside about two hundred years later head very hudson wrote in his log that two crew members thomas kelly and robert writers reported sightings of a woman in the water who when they row closer had scales at tangle of green hair and detail like a dolphin jump forward to nineteen forty three during world war. Two japanese cited a mermaid off the key islands several days after the sighting island natives invited several members of the japanese forces to come and see what they had found on the beach. They japanese were met with a shock to see a mermaid. They had seized swimming about just two days before says the two thousand nine sighting of dozens of excited visitors gather every evening on the seashore near the israeli town of curator yom in hopes of spotting a local mermaid according to numerous eyewitnesses. The mythical sea creature looks like a cross between a little girl a dolphin and only comes out at sunset. Many people have come forward saying they are sure they have seen the mermaid. There have been so many frequent sightings local officials are now offering a cash prize of one million dollars. For the first tourist to take a photograph of that mermaid. Now flash forward to twenty sixteen in the town of ness cohen oregon known for the ghost forest along this many be just tourist jan and terry sanders were walking among the ancient spruce forest. Stumps was submerged during the seventeen. Hundred cascadia and subduction zone earthquake when they spotted what they thought. Was someone floundering in the water. Just beyond the surf convinced that it was a swimmer in trouble. for help. While terry an experienced ocean kayaker at scuba diver waded into the surf then swam toward the struggling swimmer. When he was with an arm's reach of what he thought was a distress swimmer. He was confronted with a hideous face with unblinking eyes and a mouth that revealed double rows of pointed teeth on an long gated head. It had no neck connecting to its scaled cupboard torso which had two enormous breasts and short arms connected to the side of the torso the made the creature looked like it was wearing a wing suit in a moment. Decrease your turn and did what he later described as a surface dive revealing tale. That he said look much like dolphins when jan return with a local residents. She found her husband crouched next to one of the ancient stumps news poll tied to his chest. He was rocking back and forth mumbling an incoherent his description of the distress swimmer could only be described mermaid. He's gonna day in the local medical clinic and only described to his wife but he had seen when they were safely home. The names of the couple in the story were changed at their request to protect their privacy. Oregon's mermaid was produced here night owl sound studio and now the dungeness bay cozy murder mystery continues chapter eight. Joanna stone the top rung of a rickety extension ladder. She found in the back room of the apothecary. She put a contact plate for the alarm on top of the big wooden door and matched it with one of the door now at each corner of the front of the building. She placed motion sensitive lights at the base of to poplar trees. Mark the edge of the gravel parking area. She pledged a motion sensor that would trigger the camera. it was so low. She figured she'd be able to get a shot in the license plate. Dinner was stir fried vegetables out on the landing. Joann was basking in her handiwork. When she heard a car coming up the gravel drive relieved. When she recognized alex taxi he was out and running up. The steps of setting rusty in the process saul the euro. The top of the drive. is everything. alright. She fought the urge to hug it. If for nothing more than his concern urged quickly past. She said her plate on the rail. Instead someone left a couple of notes telling me to get out. Then they cut the brake lines on the euro. But i'm ready for them. What do you mean motion sensor lights and this she said pulling the glock nineteen from the holster in the middle of her back. Uh shit put that away and let's go inside and talk about this. I wasn't expecting you to come around for another couple of days schedule change. Now talk to me. Have you eaten.

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