Harley Quinn Creators Reveal DC Cut Batman Sex Scene With Catwoman

Double Toasted


They say. Dc toll quinn creators to remove batman cat woman oral sex scene because quote unquote. He rolls. Don't do that euros. Do when you pay their bills checks you could tell them exactly what they are and they are not people who eat the kitty cat. Yeah reading this right here. I want to hear what you say about. This is bumming is right here. And it says See here guinness. Undecided dot com. Rina's from them. The creators of the adult animated series harley. Quinn currently airing on hbo max. Recently opened up about a scrapped. Sex scene between batman and cat woman. While talking with variety harley quinn co-creator justin how what help discussed the challenges of satiated the demands of fans who want to see the boundaries of superhero sagas continually pushed forward a while at the same time not offending dc's corporate does that bean counters says ear. A perfect example of that is in a third season of harley. We had a moment where batman was going down on cat woman in dc fuck. They say you can't do that. You absolutely can not do that. They're like heroes. Don't do that

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