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Today. You can read her story on tech dot usa today dot com interesting thing about this. Is it gives facebook a platform in a new space that has seen a big surge of interest which follows the rise of audio. Only social apps like clubhouse. If you're not familiar with clubhouse it is a social app when you open it you'll see a variety of different audio focus chat room so you're not reading anything it's just everyone's having different conversations and you can pop in and listen And a lot of the people that are there that host these chats from all walks of life a lot of its intact you'll see them in other fields as well and they'll discuss certain topics and you can hop in and listen anytime clubhouses drawn more than ten million users in its amassed evaluation upwards of a billion dollars so it's up there with companies like uber and airbnb now of course because audio chats and clubhouse have become so popular a lot of other tech companies trying to get in on it which is why we see facebook in there also twitter and spotify have released own versions of clubhouse that they wanna roll out to their users. Well the way it will work right now and facebook's and is only public figures and select facebook groups in the us can create live audio rooms on ios and then over time they will expand this ability for more public figures in groups to host their own audio rooms. So what does this mean for you. Does this mean that. You're going to get to create your own audio room soon or i will. We're not quite there yet. Facebook said they're going to roll this out. It seems over the course of the next few months or so and really what it means for you is you might see more of these live audio rooms popping up depending on the group that you're in or just in general Obviously you're going to see notifications on your facebook app to tell you. Hey there's a live audio room started on this topic come join in and you might hop in there and listen and hear a small group of folks talking about whatever the topic is so that's how it will look for right now It's also interesting too because there's going to be a select group of podcasts that facebook users can listen to directly from their app It's definitely interesting to see clubhouse off because you know it feels like the kind of the hottest app of the moment and it's always funny to see once once you see that trend all the other companies kind of follow suit you know. We saw it with tiktok. When tiktok really started to become super popular would see instagram at. Its own version of tiktok. Halt reels and then twitter had fleets which was their own version as well and then even snapchat remember when snapchat was the only half that had stories on it now. I feel like every single app. We have had stories on even the apps. that really don't need stories but they haven't anyway So this is just the latest hot thing clubhouse and this social audio experience so we'll see how this grows and develops over the coming months and years of listeners. Let's hear from you. Do you have any questions or show ideas. do you use clubhouse. What do you think of it you can let me on twitter at brett molina twenty-three please. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us or leave a review on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher anywhere. He get your podcasts. You've been listening to talking tech will be back tomorrow with another quick it from the world of tech. We get support from lincoln today. Many small business owners are busier than ever because they're focused on managing and growing their business. They can't always spend the time. They wish they could recruiting. But you know as well as i do that a good team makes all the difference. That's

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