A highlight from 3419: Twinsies w/ Myq Kaplan


Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. And i'm fully maxed famous. Come thank you. Do you have this thing. I know you don't because i know it's a weird thing i do when you get a shot. And they give you a bandaid right. How long do you keep the banded. On because i am here's sway. My stupid thinking is this does the whole in my skin now right and it has medicine in it. This is totally false. Okay no no one's a scientist here and no one's going to sound like one for the next minute. I feel like based on that. I'm a scientist book fair There's a hole in my skin and it got filled with medicine but now that spot is sensitive and And it has access to the world and it's germs. This band-aid is keeping that whole close and keeping out the vulnerabilities. And i'm afraid to take off how you don't fall for every cuban thing. I don't understand. I know i'm like and by the way is the earth a circle. I have never walked off. And i walk a lot. It'd be falling all over the place. I do follow all over the place. Now i keep it on for i keep the i kept my bandaids on for little bit. Just to show my voted sticker but you know after a couple of hours of bragging to to take it off. Yeah i think it was like a half an hour after it's safe even if maybe you don't put on that bandai but look scared and even say those. I wanna talk more about your experience because your first shot was a was a doozy will remind people we had silent trailers of course this weekend and it got down to the wire and it did not not only one answer did get down to it. Got down two points get doubled. Doubled doubled and doubled it. Cut down to one point me tell you something. This was the most genuinely heated game. Yeah most we about ten twelve may be something around that and in the middle of its from the start. They were like fuck you keith. I mean liz. Mealy was like you fucking invited me to this. You came to my cat's birthday. I thought we were friends like you were losing all of these friends. Everyone to do. And i i believed some. I believe little bit. oh mad. I was cracking up the whole time. And then it came down to the final round and shane. Moss did the math and then everyone got defeated. who we all have to get it right or blah blah. He carried the one in his head. It was amazing and then as they got you know the right answer the right answer you saw the game wasn't bullshit anymore. Rework mad anymore All all the categories that we made up in that production meeting were suddenly brilliant. It was just crazy so much fun. It was fun until the very end. So as spoiler they won. And but i think it is good done you look. They look they were ready to kill me they. I don't know how many people thought it was rigged. Yeah yeah yeah no. I think too many people on that game show knew where you lived and it was like to save if you lost that game. Just what just by one point but it was such a nail biter and so hilarious and so fun and we meet some people backstage. Get the backstage pass. Before and the people who play the game and our guest today has played in. Probably will again now. You know this people before were guessing. Who's gonna be the one who comes the latest to the zoom to the mic check Who's gonna be ready. I'm pretty good at that. But that's worth points should viewers point right if everybody's on time i can't i can't get any points. That's part of the negative points you know like we gotta take some points away from youtube good at this one point away. my goodness. Don't forget keith girl. Days july fourth. That is all of a sudden next week. So

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