A highlight from Angela Pohl: The Challenges of Cancer Don't Stop When the Treatment Stops - R4R 252


Collective of conversations about the climate emergency and social justice. Running for real is for the brave. Today's with courage and vulnerability united by a love of running. We're driving momentum towards some of the really tough challenges we're facing humanity. Succumb join me celia and let's get started. Hello my friends. Welcome to episode two hundred and fifty two of the running costs. And i'm excited that today. We have a superstar on this show. I haven't given you any warning. I would be doing this episode. And i know in the past. We did multiple people in one episode but this woman definitely deserves one nominated by another superstar and her story is inspiring is going to bring tears to your eyes. You just gonna feel so so much love towards her attitude that she puts out into this world and today the day. This episode comes out. june. Eleventh is the day she is going for her surgery. So i really think after this episode. Take screen of you listening. Send her kind message. Let her know that you appreciate her sharing her story and she's just a wonderful human being some excited today that we are going to be having. Angela poll on the show. She is a runner from the community. She is going through breast cancer treatment. Right now she has is still training for marathons. She has done a ton of marathons. It's actually quite inspiring. How many how many races she has done. I mean last year was a bit of a tough year for all of us but she has just managed to fifty five fifty five. Es offs and thirteen full she's done one hundred k. working towards a bq. You're going to get to hear a lot about running jenny and by the way her running journey was an adult onset running journey. We didn't talk about that. Five caves in two thousand twelve. And so i think it's a good lesson for all of us so many ways words in this episode. So we're going to take him to thank our sponsor and then we'll be right to the episode with angela. Thank you to momentum. Restructuring this episode of the running podcast and i mentioned to you a few months ago that they were making some really good changes about being in a more sustainable thinking about products. And i'm excited that some of the products now and then moving them all eventually over there are coming in these packages. That do not are no longer. Plastic containers is going to give you a twenty servings in one package so that's less oviously waste going into into the trash can and just a great that they've been able to figure out how to get the superior quality promote they have hit in t- to more sustainable and less damaging Container now. I've been telling you over the past few months about the various products. I'm really enjoying and colluding brain drive. Which used for focus. These racist helped me stay. Concentrated able to stay focused. They also have elite sleep which is also now coming in a different container and it is going to contain some magazine which is the only form of magnesium proven to cross. The blood brain barrier will help you with your mental health as well as wild. Ub say well gdp seed extract and little melatonin. I do not have any crashes the night after having that and you can also check out their performance criterion which is grateful a strength training recovery. Now you can go to live momentus dot com and use code tina for twenty percent off. I'm absolutely loving hearing that many of you are enjoying this.

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