A highlight from Questlove Supreme: Mark Ronson


Gentlemen to eight another episode of supreme. I am your host or slow supreme with us. You know what guys been getting a lot of feedback on the internet's saying that. I'm not asking enough team supreme where they're like. Wow they actually care. Someone wants to use the czech up on. How ponte's how we doing repair. So i'm i'm asking how how's your How's your time. It's been good man doing Doing more repairs we did. We did windows and We waiting on like window like a measured some wrong they gotta come every place but it windows What else had to replace Head my eight unit. That went out. I think that was last summer. That went on recording right. Not aims rack. Eight eight eight. Seek so that Hvac so did that and Yeah but other than that. We chilling man. I'm coup good to hear steve. How how's how's your life going. It's going keep moving. I'm inspired by the reopening of everything and hoping that have going places hall now opening. But you're not going to these places. I'm fine. I'm finding my solace and work going going to work every day as as we have in for a long time but now that the audiences are coming back it's It's it's another step feels last night. I went to I went to a brother love event. And i think i stayed of all of two minutes. So i'm sorry. Oh yeah oh. Yeah wasn't having that second. We walked in. And it was like a nightclub. She's requiring at fallow day requiring like vaccination or for the you gotta get you gotta get vaccines and and they had two kids filling out at the at the cbs homemade bootleg joint. Their hand rings. How how are you. i'm great. I'm great working a lot. Podcast the podcast. Oh and by three park has been i'm trying to. I'm trying to diversify and by the time. This pipe has airs. I would have had my first museum. Show my father would have had his first museum showing for his photos at the national museum of african american music in tennessee. So we've been curate net me and deanna for black music month and it's been a lot and it's i'm just happy. That is probably going to be over. Time regulations leasing gentlemen We are honored Have a gentleman with us. Yes i consider him a gentleman and a friend He's pretty much accomplished. V world in the past two decades wade. Mark doesn't even feel like you've been your like your twenty year veteran. You're a twenty three year veteran. Like yeah you're not like our kid brother anymore. You're you're you're looking. Wow more has been doing this for twenty. Years is a martin. Looks old sane. No i guess none of those things that you know of course. We all know that as you get older pockets of time They quit because they're less fraction of your life. But it is bizarre and i think like when like certainly to me the people i grew up. You know looking up to you. Q tip like i. You don't like when you guys. And i'm not china up turned fifty. I certainly like you didn't feel fifty to me at all like. That's kinda bizarre. But maybe i need to just not think that anybody's older. Who's all literally. If i were to see like my memory of you as a nineteen year old or twenty or older versus. Now i'd i wouldn't tell the difference you have a you have a a gene. That might be the cousin to black. Don't crack 'cause you look the same. Ju don't stu. I don't know what that stupid anyway know. He's accomplished musician songwriter. Producer label ceo Instill an accomplished dj. If that doesn't impress you check his resume. Name him Adele winehouse mars. Mary weather Cyrus while eight the angelo. Frigging durant iran. Oh my god. I can't wait to get to that part seven time. Am i getting the numbers. It is definitely seven time grammy winner. Guess yes okay including coveted producer of the year. I'm only asking that because even now like people keep fudging my numbers. It may never get the number five right there like two time. Grammy winner quest love three times. I kind wanna be that guy like time grammy. Yeah you know. I can't do that. Lays please welcome to live supreme. The one and only mark ronson. Ooh yeah where you were you right now mark. You're in your your lab. Yeah i'm in my lab In soho new york. I just moved back in This is the place actually had in the mid two thousands. Right when i met. Amen so you know. I was in this place for a couple of years and then moved back to england for a while to la and you know because a covert and people fleeing the city like they did. I was walking past this building. And it was actually on amy's birthday and i was just like Like feeling a little sentimental. Let me just buzz up. And see what's see what's in there so I buzzed in the the landlord. I kind of gave. I have horrible making longwinded stories. That don't get to the point so please put me so i was like. Hey i i don't know if you remember i mark. I used to be on the fifth floor. And i got it done just because i wanted to come up. Says he's like why you want to rent a space again. And i was like. Yeah yeah that's it. I want to rent the space again. So i came upstairs and i see this abandoned. Probably what was like a jingle house in between when i was here lass and i was just like wow i mean you know new york. Rents are a song right now and i took this place back over so you know. I really just came in thinking of amy. It was her birthday. It's thought like maybe get a little picture. I remember what that room felt like. And then it just led to me being back here then you got condoms to bring it again. But i love i did. I forgot this place has a really good vibe. It was never like a very like a name studio like a hip factory or or you know power station but the but norah jones is i record you know. The big one was made here. We did most of back to black like all the demo in writing. So there's like you know just places have a juju like it's just. There's just something in the walls. It's just kind of nice. Yeah i'm i'm telling you right now. Don't give it up. Because i mean i i've a. I've a certain superstition when it comes to when ever producer's upgrade and so the police where you found that magic and i know him produces minds is like i gotta groom and i got a man

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