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And yeah. i'm back. I'm back in a latino rebels groove. I don't know why i just said that. I was quoting as freely from kiss. But that's a deep cut. We were off last week. But as you know we featured one of the podcast from the community podcast lab in akron with little media. We're going to be featuring more of those big shout out to black super dads so happy we got to feature them. And there'll be more coming in the meantime we're back my producer. Oscar is just got everything booked. Lotta shit has happened. In the last couple of days. And especially in latin america particularly with bertha cassidy's but i also wanna talk for a couple of minutes about the assassination of haiti's president and i have a fabulous guest who has been on in the thick with me and my idea and has written a fabulous book about Tacitus has been on the latino media collective fabulous guests from new york. You wanna say who you are high. I am nina lakhani. I'm a senior reporter at the guardian based here in new york and and also the author of a book. Which i'm about to plug who killed by the damn steph squats an indigenous defenders battle for the planet. Please go and buy it. They go and we brought you on because this is in the news but before we talk about like. I said it's do. You have any thoughts about this. Assassination of the president of haiti. And like have you follow. I've been following hitting for a couple of years knowing it's you know there's issues but it kind of went. I'm like damn. I mean yeah shocking. But maybe not surprising in haiti a country. Where political unrest and assassinations and coups are sadly the norm as international interference. I think we will forget that. Haiti was the first country to win. Independence in the americas. And you know this off how it's a success and how its future has been really just hugely influenced at impacted by the colonial power. Still and new colonial powers wanted to interfere in haiti. So yeah it's really sad. But i think the patients have got a really tough time coming again if the country. That's the least corona virus vaccines in the whole of the region. So it's gonna be a tough time. It's just shocking but anyway we did wanna bring you on because there was a lot of news that happen in the trial regarding the murder. Bertha casas do you wanna report. What actually happened earlier this week. I'll put on your reporter hat on first because you wrote about it for the guardian and then we'll talk a little bit about the reactions show so on monday afternoon monday morning. Sorry tegucigalpa in honduras. There was a verdict in the second trial the merger of the cafes and it was a historic day. I really can't emphasize that enough. That dovey lovato castio. Mahia was found guilty of a co author of the merger of bud custody and some of you will remember that there was a previous trial back in two thousand eighteen when seven people were convicted. Right and no seven people included the hired hitmen. The scenarios and middleman. You know there was people from the company and army people etc now. Castille is the biggest fish to fall by far his full military intelligence officer who was trained that the very pacific west academy here in new york state. yeah. I felt to america at the moment of that. What i'm glad you brought that. Just take him hats off to america. I mean seriously. It's in your yeah. Yeah y'all again and have a form of government employees in honduras and he is. The president of the damn company called desa which bertha was killed for opposing that had already been established in a fast trial and it was confirmed in his date. Which court will that hamid was planned and executed because she had interrupted. I'm cause delays in the construction of this hydroelectric dam on the real world care. Which is a river considered site could buy length people and she had cost the company money. These delays in construction had led to financial losses. And that's why the decision was taken to murder. Her and castillo is by far. The my senior pass said to be held accountable. He was not the person. I would say who were calling the shots. In that company there were others that the shed will other shareholders of the executives. Who if you think about how hunter is operating. How many countries operate in. Latin america is this majority shareholders on members of one of the most powerful economic and political clans in the country. None of those people have been brought to a cow but he you know he really is a key passan. We know that he was the one that was liaising between the middleman and the company executives you know. He was the one that pretended to be. But the cadets is ally and friend in order to govern information about her and her whereabouts you know he's the one that authorized paid informants within the lenka community to basically spy on her and organiz ation. So that i knew what she was doing. What protests will plan and then it was the other more powerful people who we know from the phone. Data would call on their contacts at political context context in police insecurity to send swat teams and police and army. To repress violently repress these indigenous people who were trying to oppose the construction of established so we know that now and merely the fact that have family and friends and the international pressure made this kalat criminal government holds his trial and find castio guilty. you was. The evidence was overwhelming a low of in my book as well is read historic because people with power people with money never never face justice in honduras. Never and this. This is really is know. It was a historic victory for the family. That's the part that i am grasping right. Sort of the impunity. That has happened in the past and this lack of accountability and it was their like but the thing is i think the point. You're saying. I mean it was so clear that this happened right and and it to hide this would have been. I mean it would have been it would have been. I mean it would have been so such an obvious travesty. I mean what are you. Go with something like that after you know what i mean. I mean if it hadn't been the pressure that if i hadn't been the there were many defenders who were killed before but many after why none of justice so it had been the pressure created internationally bar have family by organization by the thought that she was an internationally celebrated leader to. Let's remember that she had been awarded. The prestigious goldman flies environmental defenders less than a year before she was killed. She'd had an audience with the pope in rome but she was known all over the world because she would travel and spend time we've indigenous communities everywhere in every continent to learn from them to share for them so she was so well known and that focus in pressure is what made this criminal state. Hold

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