A highlight from #237: Low Rolling at High-Limit Craps


July fifteenth twenty. Twenty one from el cajon california. This is episode. Two hundred thirty seven of you can bet on that tape. I everybody welcome to you can bet on that. A podcast for the recreational gambler. My name is mark of all sitting across from us. Dr mike so on our last episode we were comparing las vegas to atlantic city. And we pretty much said there's nothing else to do in atlantic city other than gamble. Russ that's true so it's not exactly what we said but that was kind of the gist of it was that you know. There's so many things to do in las vegas and landing say definitely is more about gambling in you know like we were saying you know day trips after we were talking about that. We wonder what people will actually have to save it. And sure enough our buddy. Ed o'connor says a big list of things that you can do in atlantic city that are not gambling related. And i said ed is it. Okay if we post to this list to our page. Because he had a big list of everything and i thought we could go over it on the show but it might be kind of a nice resource for people to take a look at it and think okay. What else can i do in atlantic city. So that's exactly what we did. If you are on a computer and you go

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