So, What Happens to WFH Now?

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Hey i'm henry gra bar in for lizzie. O'leary come to you with a recording from a place that has been virtually off limits for nearly eighteen months. Un-american corporate office building specifically slights office in downtown brooklyn which has been closed to us since march twenty twenty. Lots of people have joined the company since. And they don't know the first thing about this place your. Id should work three doors. So it'd be this store that's amanda. She's giving a tour then. I dropped in on there. Were a few hiccups. The scanner doesn't work. The dishwasher doesn't work neither does the coffee maker and metaphor alert. The literal water cooler is broke. I had a guy come in and look at the filter and he was just like no. It should be drinking this like no. It's not it's not safe so we recommend drinking that. I don't get sick but everyone got to see their old colleagues. Some of whom. I hadn't seen in more than a year katie. How's it going today. Visit really you have to call him a call henry. Hi sorry about that so this is interesting. Susan has an susan moved to charlottesville a little before the pandemic so she hasn't been in this office with a desk of her own. And how long years. So i've found a container of plastic straws that also include to metal stras. I really liked those metal stress. You did because. I like it too strong. But i'm concentrating but now in the years since we lost to the office plastic straws become literal gold. So i'm really excited to get back to them. You've got the last collection of boston. None of this mission is this conversation. We'd be having on zoom. I don't think so as banal is this chitchat is. It's the sound of a major pivot point in american life. Pandemic eric questions about the relevance of the office are inching towards a resolution. Some bosses are calling employees back others telling them they don't have to come back at all. Months of speculation about the future of remote work are ending in corporate dicta that restore the old status quo or reverse it

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