Interview With Sagar Indurkhya, Head of NLP at Virtualitics


So our guest today is saga endure. Who is at virtual lyrics and we really want to thank him so much for joining us here. So let's Thank you so much for joining today. Podcast wonderful today. Yeah thanks so much for joining us today. You know at a today podcast. We're always excited when we have interviews. Because we get to see what's really happening. You know today in industry with artificial intelligence. So i'm excited for this podcast. I want to start by having you introduce yourself to our listeners and tell them a little bit about your background and your current role at virtual addicts. Thank you yes. So name is saga and on the head of natural language processing at birch lyrics so a little bit of How i got your Prior to joining virtual i was completing my phd in computer science. With a focus on computational linguistics at mit Where i studied under my adviser. Professor robert berwick so while i was there I had time to focus on studying outta develop cognitively faithful models of language acquisition. And i also had a chance to really dive into a a developing methods for black box analysis of penalty models. I during my time in grad school. I had the opportunity to actually both intern and eventually a con Do some contract work or various dod interfacing companies and That caught me a little bit excited. working on these different defense projects. So i saw that virtually nixon that's base and that's what got me excited to join them so i joined last year and since then i've been having fun working on both a couple of interesting. Dod projects involving natural language processing And i also had the development the functionality for our flagship product product of Immersive platform or vip.

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