A highlight from Tip Your Influencers


Nearly everyone has their own internet personality. These days thrown distinct voice their own vibe. They're posting to twitter. Instagram tiktok racking up social clout but the chosen the select few. They get paid for this. They're creators their influencers and big tech platforms are tripping over themselves trying to win their loyalty and trying to help them make more money from brand deals and subscriptions and tipping. If you want to understand the internet you need to understand what's happening in the crater economy on today the soda the form on one. I'll speak to the information foremost experts on the creator. Economy kaya urea. Who recently started the information's first newsletter on the topic. Then tim cook said what under oath the apple. Ceo took the stand in the iphone makers trial against the gamemaker back and the information is josh cisco was hanging on every word. Josh returns to the four hundred one. This week tell us who's takeaways from the trial is apple app store. Actually a monopoly is apple. Going to lose. It doesn't look as good for apple as it might have at the sort of trial in josh's

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