FAA Probes Near-Miss of Passenger Jets at San Diego Airport


Faa probes near miss a passenger jet san diego airport. The incident occurred just after ten thirty pm. On thursday of last week and evolved an inbound flight and plane about to take off and this is from nbc seven san diego nbc's san and nego. What does it That the anchorman used to stay stay. Classy san stay classy san diego. I'm ron burgundy you stay classy san diego. The federal aviation administration has opened an investigation into an apparent near miss at san diego international airport. No not at at the san diego international airport thursday evening agency officials confirmed nbc seven an inbound sky west flight from portland oregon was on final approach preparing to land a little after ten thirty when the pilot was waved off by air traffic controllers because another aircraft a delta flight headed to detroit was still on the runway air traffic controllers at san diego. International airport introduced instructed. Excuse me the crew of sky west flight three four four six to discontinue their approach to runway to seven thursday evening because another aircraft was on the runway preparing for departure. An faa representative emailed nbc. Seven the other aircraft delta airlines twenty to forty nine departed safely and this guy west aircraft landed later. The faa is investigating flight log data or data. If you prefer aircraft tracking web site flight aware dot com shows the inbound sky westjet descended to two hundred feet above sea level at the time of its first landing attempt. The plane ended up touching down twelve minutes later. According to airbus's website in eighty three thirty two hundred is a little more than fifty five feet tall at the tip of its tail. A diagram on the faa's website shows the eastern edge of the runway at san diego international airport's about seventeen feet above sea level.

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