Girls Gotta Eat


Okay are so much to talk about. Yes so i've been out here for a week. Yeah i just got here. We're recording this amazing studio that you found called gold diggers yes. It's called galls like granted just said and it's in east hollywood. La up my friend. Kate alerted me to it. Because we needed a studio for this episode and next week's episode because we had a very big ass that you guys will see priority saw chelsea handler. So anyway we're like we need a legit studio for chelsea because rain and i would just record in our hotel room modestly So kate told me about this It's actually a guy that is involved in it that i knew from atlanta randomly but It's called gold diggers. It is a boutique hotel and bar which opens in mid june. So the bar is now. I think only open private events. But it'll be open soon and nine recording studios so were in studio nine. There's all these other studios. They were saying that. Leon bridges just recorded an album here like people regard podcast here. You anybody can record here so if you guys need studio in l. a. gold diggers l. Their instagram and then you go to the website at gold dash diggers dot com. So i would come back here and stay at this cute boutique hotel and then we're like right work. You know absolutely so anyway can recommend and check it out if you guys are in. La need police record or you just want to go the cool barnaby. Tico talents like a very cool. It feels cooler over here. I feel like. I'm like a cool kid in la east. Hollywood you are. We're going to go have an A west hollywood launch after this so e side like. I don't know you're east side. Everything they maybe west side for life from throwing up gang symbols. Did you have a preference on rap up. I'm no. I liked to pac both coasts. You can't not like both because they're both icons but like i was hard core bad boy for life like i. Oh big around her about boy for life like just the whole boy family. I probably more. And i'm me puffy. Mace i probably was too. I'm a biggie. Stand and then but i you know of course poc and snoop dogg. Doesn't dry and i was like eight coast. Elementary school white girl. And the right. Like i used to reward at me. I would by word of magazine just to be like i see. What are we really george overall. Gosh but i've been in this long as i've ever been in la. I've never been here more than a few days. I haven't been from. You never way who tell you that much. I've been away from you for a week. I've enjoyed being out here. it's nice been eating ally. I came out here because mykhailo out here. We do san diego for the weekend which is really fun. I haven't been back since you. And i did shows valentine's day twenty twenty. Yeah ever heard of it. Yeah twenty we did the house of blues. i haven't been back and so that was really really fun. We did like a whole day. I always plan a lot of trips around foods. I did a lot of that. And i really. I'd say the story. I revisited this place. I want to called oscars mexican seafood that people recommended. There's three locations. Two of them are la. Hoya and i went and the chips man they got me arena so first of all we need a backup when we got to san diego we. We missed our flight for one last. Because you getting a pedicure slip feet rena. We got the pedicure in the airport because we were in the airport for three extra hours. We missed the play because we miss estimate how long it would to get there. Also i was having sex so so valentine's day twenty twenty. We went to left on our last trip ever before the pandemic but we got into san diego really late at night to take a later flakes star first flight and you ordered guac and chips up to your room the second we got their name. Y'all got in at like eleven pm in you. You said. I just got chips and walk and use them photo and they were like thick chips. They're like double chips. Yeah picture which is. This is no shade but like double the chips and they're greasy and they're thick and you really. I don't feel so great from all the chips at midnight. And then what did you do you so many more chips at oscars and so. I told you raina where you're going to san diego. Don't stick chips and actually. We saw like what i was doing that. Asia responded to my story. Donate all those chips love. Mom and i was like she doesn't sound. It's a new year and one. I can't handle these chests.

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