Career Moms With Jenny Elliot


Said jenny. Tell us what made you develop this. Podcast yeah it was kinda journey. I was in the workforce. I've worked for the same company my entire career which is a little rare but it's a large organization. I'm in the accounting finance function. So i was ten years into my career before. I got pregnant and i kind of thought it was another. You know like life van you get married and then you can go back to your career and you continue on with your goals and now my life is just a little different because i have this beautiful baby and when i actually went through it. I was so shocked at how unprepared i was to transition. Back to the workforce after maternity leave. I did a lot of preparation for my pregnancy and birth in you know breastfeeding and sleep trine and there was nothing about going back to work and so i kind of just thought like making the decision to go back was the hardest part because you hear a lot about women that don't return to the workforce after maternity. Leave him. i from the the beginning of miley. I was very clear that i wanted to go back and then spending every day with a newborn i definitely knew i wanted to go back but then that whole first year of being back in the workforce was hard and i was unprepared for it. I felt like nobody talked about it. I felt like a failure as a mother and an employee and it took a lot of reflecting and navigating. Sue kind of come to this point where i realized that i had an identity crisis that i didn't know who i was as a career woman. I didn't know who i was as a mom. I didn't know who was as a person. And as i was kind of figuring some of that stuff out i started having conversations with peers at work our friends that were also working moms and i'm like heard this term like identity shift or identity crisis and everybody was like. Oh my gosh yes that totally happens. I totally had that exact same thing. The first year or two back at work is so hard. And i was just like how. Come no one's talking about this. How come i didn't know. And after some of these conversations we would get so into the topic that we'd like man. Isn't there a podcast episode about

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