Health Care Challenges for Transgender Youth


Doctors from treating transgender youth with puberty, blockers, testosterone arrest region and surgery to assist their transitions. As part of a new culture war. Similar bills have been introduced and at least 20 other states. In some cases, doctors could go to jail. Many physicians and therapists are appalled. Like Erica Anderson Ah, highly respected gender psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco, who's transgender herself. It's a very ominous development. It's a bad sign. Have you ever seen anything like that before in your lifetime? No. No. And it zero overreach on the part of such legislatures. Clearly, they are demonstrating their ignorance. And prejudice. At least six major medical associations have weighed in against these bills, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, of which Dr Lee Savio Beers is the president. I'm going to read you something that was said in support of this law in Arkansas, One of the Republican senators said gender affirming treatments are quote at best experimental and at worst, a serious threat to a child's welfare. These air, not experimental treatments there, really based in scientific literature. They're based in decades and decades of expert experience, and they're backed by a number of major medical organizations to let's say there was a young Person and they're on hormones under the lawn, Arkansas. A doctor has to take those hormones away. Yes, And if the doctor decides to move forward, they face significant penalty. Is there any medical rationale for this legislation in your opinions? No. There is not The field of transgender health care has

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