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We're able to stand here. You can't kid ourselves about. And so i hope. I hope that the nation comes together. We're not democrats republicans. Today we're americans were americans. Give him alive time. Remind everybody who we are. We have been tested. We still we surely tested further. But i know that we as a people are up to the task. Each generation americans receives a precious give liberty. We work to share it with more people to make our country more open more free more fair. It's a great message. We are wine country. You know coming out of a memorial day weekend. I know a lot of people will try to take what one politician says and make something pig out of it or take what somebody on the other side says an attack them for that or claim bid one party has exclusive rights to patriotism or the other is the only protector the constitution. It's just the thing is we live in very divided times. We live in very political times. You watch this show. you know that. But it's good to see president biden on memorial day talking about those who sacrificed but also about what this country has been through the difficult times as country's been through and the fact that we are one nation. And if you really really if you if you don't live in side of the political bubble day in and day out you actually do see that when you go. Well they're men and women actually a boys and girls you know. I actually getting along day in and day out in their lives working together as a country and yes it's very it's very charged around politics right now. It hasn't been for twenty twenty-five years but we are one country and you look at the men and women that have given their all for this country to give us the freedom the right to be able to say what we want to say. Whether it's on this show are around your home or in your offices. If you're working today. I mean my gosh. That's what that's what this country's all about and it's what their sacrifice is all about and as one people we honor them and we thank them. And i think his message was wise in many ways because he also very gently said it's gonna take a while to kind of re stabilize and really get back to who we are because it's time to remember who we are as a country and he did that with us. What can i just say. We are as a country you look at so some many which is look at the way that that we really have approached the development of this vaccine republicans and democrats scientists of neither party of all parties work together. The united states is doing better right now. As far as getting the vaccine out and opening this country of than most of our allies are the people that we looked at a year ago going. Why are they doing so much better than us. Really seen a lot of american exceptionalism this year again. It's outside the realm of politics where you see that and we just right now. It's a washington problem and let's hope that our leaders configure out how to move forward and catch up with the rest of the country. Also working on memorial day. We have white house reporter for the associated press jonathan lemaire professor at princeton university. Eddie a junior and us national editor at the financial times. Ed loose with us this morning and this memorial day weekend looks a lot more like how things were pre pandemic remember that we saw saturday. Mark the end the covid nineteen restrictions in massachusetts and despite the rain. Fans filled fenway. Park to watch the red sox. Beat the marlins i mean. There were some empty seats. But it was pretty full in indiana one hundred thirty five thousand one hundred thirty thousand at the indy. Five hundred came out for the indy. Five hundred at the highest attendance sporting events since the beginning of the pandemic with vaccinations offered site getting really smart with these vaccines offering money. Making it really easy to get the backs. At the movies. The sequel thriller a quiet place to is set to gross fifty eight point five million dollars by the end of the holiday weekend and pandemic asked for the film industry by the way. Mr i quiet place i am. I missed all was was a good. Yeah alex you went this weekend right. You went to the movies this weekend. i did. I went to cronulla and give us your give us. Your review of crew at la corona was kind of it was it was dark. It was like a cross between the devil wears prada and joker so really good disney kid. I'm sure you're little kids. Love two and a half hours. You know perfect. It was emma stone. Emma thomson remarkable. So it's good. I'm not sure for kids but it was really good. I mean emma stone. Emma thompson those two and just about any movies great incredible soundtrack very dark long. Yes sounds great for your five or six year old kid. Not really actually. That's like me bring in my book. Norman okay the script nearly two million travelers heading into the long weekend. The highest number of passengers screened during the pandemic so a lot of people on the move and lows looks like look site. Things are starting to open backup. Looks this memorial. Day weekend really. It was that opening that that we were hearing about last eastern than last memorial day and then last fourth of july and then last thanks. It's finally it's finally upon us

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