Grief and Loss in the Latinx Community

Latinx Therapy


Grieving. Not linear which again we're going to talk about. But it looks so differently with everyone and with each loss that you experience you're also gonna grieve differently. So i recall the way. I grieved for my godmother. Look differently than how. I grieved for my uncle. May they rest in peace and that was just from being a therapist and enjoying analyzing myself. Like that was fascinating to me after i healed and being able to see that how it didn't look the same and it's kind of maybe for some of you listening. It's a bullet will duh well of course but many of us that didn't grow up with being used to losing people it throws a curve ball at you. You never know what to expect. Absolutely absolutely i think what loss comes in douses that it shakes up your routine. You're going through life. Understanding that change happens. But it's not like you know at the forefront and then all of a sudden loss comes in shake you My read this comparison recently about it being like an earthquake where it shakes up your earth than your land and all of a sudden things that were there are no longer there and now you're pushed into a new direction because of the loss. Yeah and it's not a smooth transition into that new direction. Sometimes so alina what happens to our minds our bodies and souls when we grieve so like i mentioned i think it looks different for everyone so all of us are express it differently. Okay but keeping in mind what happens. Generally to people pay is the following so far mind because grief can cost changes in how our brain functions some people record set. There's changes in mood in their memory. It can manifest as difficulties concentrating. Irritability sadness feeling like. You're enough fog disoriented. And just just generalize like sometimes not being present in. Oh people notice that that may be. You're not there

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