A highlight from EP. 530 - Healthspan More Important Than Lifespan


Was happening. y'all was happening and seem has been going in deep on those Diet sodas i should have said anything about the sunkissed this guy. So you know popular sweet. We talk a lot about You know responsibility. And i have not been responsible with my soda intake of diet soda. 'cause you zero sugar and zero calories thank all do shit to you other than fuck up your stomach. I've been pooping black water for two days. Zero sugar things like sucralose his taste. That's it it is delicious. I've been reading them everyday so like a diet. Soda will be sweetened with s pardoning. Thanks part of me and then like zeros is super came aspertain. There is the trying to think. I knew that was way off. But i'm like looking at it on the label. S like should up but and then i coke zero sweetener sucralose and. That's been my jam. That stuff is so good. Yeah it looked like jam came out of my ass attitude it with her. It was again like. I said i was being irresponsible with my soda intake. I- legit probably had a third of the bottle of the diet. Ginger ale yesterday along with another third of the diet sunkist. Okay you see like we make mistakes We're not perfect. Look at this this. This is an ideal so the black poop black poop it really is. Yeah so that shit wrecked my gut. Gotta be gotta be careful out there. Kids running some experiments kitchen and found out that Out of all the different sweeteners. one it tastes the best by itself as aalyah lows taste fucking delicious zeile atolls. Not bad stevie is not bad but even sucralose has like a little weird aftertaste. Minute is extremely extremely fucking potent. It's really really really strong but Aalyah los I mean i don t to me. It tastes like sugar is the one that gets cold or now. No one's that That's the most of the other Sugar alcohol the rich paul arith- recall any of the most of the tolls have that cold because bond at the end menthol. They all have that. Yeah they have that little thing. The bill nye over here alley lows though shits alyssa's in in the hero bar. Oh oh and do we.

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