Wholesale & Flipping Houses the Right Way With Byron Holman


Everyone. Welcome back to episode of the soul. -cation podcast. I have mister byron with us today. He's about to school us on a real estate game so i hope you have your book episode. Will your closest friends. Because he's about to give us some really great t in the real estate world by mind. Introducing yourself to the amazing women that listen to this podcast absolutely. So my name is byron. Byron holman known as baron investor on pretty much all social media and i am a real estate investor at a houston texas. And we're gonna get into all of that and i focused primarily on the wholesale strategy. I do a little bit of creative finance fixing flip also own a couple of tech companies as well. And we're gonna talk about that today. We're gonna talk about that. Can we start with the first question. What's the difference between sale and flipping. Like what's gotcha. So hosts ellen is when you basic. I liken it to being a pawn shop of real estate right so basically you find people data industries right and you tell them. Hey i wanna bought a property. You don't bought a property. You find somebody else who won about a properly and you sailed to contract or your option or you're right to buy the property instead of seldom the property so we just selling the paperwork

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