A highlight from 1639 Dr. John A. Wilde's Lessons Learned from a Lifetime in Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran


That was ninety six Wrote this year why some ideas and dentistry die For dental town which was a huge hit. You wrote another article march of this year. Just two months ago off the charts dental char chart audit by dr john a wild. I mean my gosh. how're you doing. Good you ready. Yeah yeah so did. Did you notice this This pandemic thing. That was going on last that. Make the newspaper in your town to kitty. Dress by immunosuppressant drugs for sixteen years. So i have isolated really severely Two daughters and four drank his regular quincy and and seeing him in a car. I haven't i haven't been out to dinner riot anything. 'cause i don't have any chance at all so so far so good so you've had to kidney transplants. Yeah so was that a Was that i talk about that. Is that personal. Or what what what comes to fail. Nobody knows i've got two brothers. One of them's internists board-certified in three specialties. He's looked into all three of the boys in my family have to some degree and Been a as as Which is your kidneys. don't work so so. The transplants work. Good san did not so much is like having the flu for five years. The second one's been fine for lebanon half years now. Well that's what what is wild. Is that english german. Okay germany yeah and and the united states when it formed as a country it was only two votes away when they voted on the language. English beat german by only two votes zero math beat metric by one vote so we were three votes away from speaking german on the metric system and Which i probably would have been a much smarter. I did but i had a friend that i just recently lost. Some from kidney problems in her problem was her. Dad was a A soldier in world war two and he met his wife there so she was half german and half japanese and there was just no matches. I think they tried seven different kidneys and everyone of them failed and she finally. But it's it's tough when you're something really really rare for those so when you take those immunosuppressants do you is that make you feel differently or do you feel fine or not. No you're on them or what's that like even know anymore. I mean it's been sixteen and a half years. I take a beta blocker. Russillo people tell me as a pretty tough drug. But i think thirteen prescription different kinds of prescription drugs every day. Something like well you know. I always say your sunday four and they say that humans are two hundred thousand years old a hundred and eight million have lived in died. And there's seven point three million or seven point three billion left ally but they say half of them were killed by malaria from mosquitoes and that the median average age was below twenty. So look at so. I'm next year. I turned sixteen. I when i turned sixty. I'm gonna thing how. I lived three times longer than the first one hundred and eight billion humans that ever walked on this earth. But you know. I wanted to get you on the show so bad because only a seventy four year old talking to an almost six year old kid you know we. It's it's may nineteenth and this month sixty five hundred. Dental kids are going to graduate from dental kindergarten school. And they're going to walk out of this protective game reserve daycare center into this real world. And i know they're looking at old guys like you and me think can John is this. Are we gonna have the same opportunity and good old days that you and how he had you know. I may eighth. This no may eleventh of this month was my thirty. Four year anniversary from graduating from u. m. casey dental Do you think this graduating class has the same chance and the same Success chance as you. And i had three decades ago. Sure differ now howard. I would probably be the one to answer that better than i do but it's the world's changed so much when i started I look very careful in the army for two years. Had a tremendous experience and essential. Two years million Getting ready to start practice call in and writing. I flew back twice from fort. Lewis washington iowa travel around the state and literally hit the ground running. I mean i. I never had opened time on my schedule. Even a minute of the day. I started Whether that's possible today. I would be european. We didn't have any group practices back then or third party type thing to compete with just against the war. Well was that was your first by saying right. Keokuk iowa that's pretty good really achieve chief. Keokuk is born in wichita chief there. I'm well what is the population of the town got turned around eighteen thousand. Now it's around ten so it is likely to firm ten so one. One major employer was just Death by a thousand cuts you know every year of another little business here another one there and when i got you you just couldn't get into a dentist but again. I spent literally years taking the town. I like the size of a debt new. Ymca new mall and And diverse business core. Which i thought was important but than everybody kind of slowly went away so did morale how diverse they were all little little mainstream businesses slowly. One way or another to get him Well i think you just said the answer though that demographics matter you said you spend a couple of years while you were in the army. I'm you've been a couple of years looking for a location.

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