Carry A Wallet (MM #3738)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. Sometimes it's not important things that make way around the internet yesterday. Silly stupid. I don't even know how you'd refuse young but the big burning question going around the internet. Yesterday was, do you still carry a wallet and this was specifically aimed at men, basketball player now, broadcaster Charles Barkley was visiting a Chipotle and forgot his wallet left. It there, somebody foiled got ahold of TNT and got the wallet back to him. So now everybody's making fun of Charles Barkley because he still carries a good old-fashioned. Men's rear pocket wallet and everybody's like, how can you still carry a wallet today? I understand I carry a front pocket wallet, really more money clip with spaces for six credit cards. So it's a front pocket wallet. I've been doing that for ten fifteen, probably twenty years now only because the way to the wall, I might behind was too much. Most people don't even do that, they base wage a couple of credit cards, or driver's license, and some cash with a rubber band around it with the cell phone. Now we can attach credit cards. And driver's license has a little pockets on the back and we don't necessarily need a wallet per se, but I can't imagine going fully without something in my front pocket, dead.

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