A highlight from EP 537 - Black Belt Slayer Nick Rodriguez: How Lifting Is Essential For BJJ


Would a power project crew. This is josh settlers aka settled gate here to introduce you to our next guest nick. Rodriguez nick rodriguez is a professional and grappler and former wrestler. who was one. The main members of the donna. Her death squad. The most dominant team in submission grappling nick crashed onto. The scene is one of the top names in the sport. When as a blue belt he conquered a silver medal in the adc world championships in two thousand nineteen eighty is arguably the toughest submission grappling event in the world. That takes place once every two years. Originally hailing from clayton new jersey united states. Nick wrestled through high school into college after his college career had ended. He then transitioned to submission grappling. Within his first three weeks of submission grappling or nogi jujitsu training. He entered too pro level tournaments and went undefeated in both he. Now trains fulltime. Puerto rico the donahue death-squad under the watchful eye of world renown martial arts. Instructor john donner her on another note. Nick may or may not have had a staff infection explode while on an airplane overseas to compete against former. You have seen middleweight champion. Luke rock hold but that is a different story for a different time. Please enjoy this conversation with our guest. Nick rodriguez we will happen. Yeah i smashed Some of the salmon for meagre yesterday and the turkey from your yesterday. Like i mentioned since i'm not going to be doing your duty for a little bit. I'm going to be eating a lot. So i'm gonna be eating a lot and lifting a lot so like just eating. Those meals has been so easy. Because i don't have to do anything but warm up needed out fucking tub So last friday wanted to have like a like a.

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