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Me, says affirmation. Because there's no way you'll be able to expand and maintain unless you deliver on the promises that you make. It's a very simple business acumen, and that's what I'm excited about, because Dannon Lance created that very same entity. Trusting delivering. And that's exactly what I'm hearing defines Gerber as well. That and the people because we, you know we can. We can get a building by equipment. But at the end of the day, it's people that that deliver on the promises and our commitments to our customers and and mutual business partners and And I think our culture is something that that's helped us greatly and something that that we feel was a really great fit with with moving into Hawaii and the people in the culture here. There's so many elements that are behind the business will get into a little bit of that with Vince. But also get invitations from you two are friends to come and see you. What's the best way to connect? And how do we do so? So 808 Gerber is a great way to reach out to us or any one of our three locations. And while he while we're PAHO and candy, okay, and we're planning and looking at expanding that footprint, hopefully soon. Oh, that's great. We'll learn more about that with Vince Claudio. And it's a pleasure to have him on board and pleasure to have you as always take a short break because prime time traffic in front of us and when we return more of events of Gerber And it's 8 20 in the morning already a NewsRadio 8 30 K 38 k h V h traffic. There's an accident. I'm lady being the Gerber collision Traffic sent through the accidents on the right shoulder lane of H one westbound just past 11th Avenue, Please. You drive a caution in the area. We're seeing westbound congestion slowly near Colquitt Avenue overpass that continues through university. Keep in mind. We also have the morning freeway westbound. One lane closure because of the water. Main group pair, also affecting forced after exit and Cala Street on ramp. Please avoid the area. Here's something good from the Seneca Women Podcast Network and I Heart radio is a great way to start your day on the positive side of life

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