A highlight from On 'Glowing In The Dark,' Django Django Explore Evolution And Escapism

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Hi i'm kalaheo as an admitted science fiction fan. It's easy to name. Check my favorite movie of all time. Two thousand one a space odyssey. Imagine my surprise. When i learned one. The best singles of twenty twenty one django django is glowing in the dark actually sampled the author of two thousand one. Arthur c. clarke reading a passage from the novel version of the beloved sci-fi epic shouldn't be surprised by the cleverness of django django for almost a decade. The band has consistently experimented with sounds samples and textures as shown on their new album glowing in the dark. I caught up with david. Mclean and vincent nath or dave and vinnie as they prefer to talk about that sample. Their early days is a band and how it can be dangerous to play russell before tour date i. We get started with the track from the album. It spirals here on the world cafe Movement eighty three somewhere song. A russia august own. It's

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