'Combat Sports News & Clubb Bangerz (#2)' ft. Combat Sports Insider Clubber D (Ball & Buds Podcast Episode #19)

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I thought he was doing punch machine at all the bars or something like that. Other that whack-a-mole jabs not as is supposed to be referral like that. But anyways i mean give credit he trained with the charles brothers for this fi and those guys no joke down in That dallas fort worth area. You know david earl spirits. You know what i'm saying. They they were gonna call me off for training and booking podcast all connected roll through. Yeah man floyd floyd is the money man. Alright we talked about it and you don. I'm saying i sleep yearbook okay. I had to go to work the next day. Risley flying out of town. You know what i'm saying. 'cause you know on what took care of me but ain't got us looking at this on sunday. You know you think this is wrestlemainia. Something data world rebel. You know this. Sunday pay view wrestling can do it against boston can do it too. I mean none of that idea but moving forward. I don't know if more people will do it on sundays. People like to get wild and crazy. And i know dan boston's the next day. So they neither you know at least have an earlier. They do each having a little earlier. Maybe a six o'clock start time. You know saying but you know when you got to interim songs by a migos in whoever desi do was you know you gotta be. I guess you gotta be enough of that. So yeah forget about those bs fights. All the sites are really. Be as all these exhibitions. Just to make money for me. Whether looking paul the chad johnson bryan maxwell whatever. They're all just bs fights to make money so it doesn't really matter of money is made up anyways so that's another subject for another day and give me all the low down on your trip so after you left miami we sent you to arizona for ufc to sixty three so please sir tell me all about that event and how it was. I heard that you had an amazing time. And you were hanging out with some big wigs down there. Tell me about this all right back. We will see okay. You fool me all the way up to arizona stop. You know what i'm saying. I thought see suns game. They they handled business in denver. So i'm hanging out here with justin bieber in traded truth your summer celebrities there. You know our at intel justice. You know what i'm saying girl. She bill drink my shoes against we a problem Yearbook but anyways you know appreciate you senator out here But a move forward. I don't do a economy. You know what i'm saying. I need ba first. Class business class. So that whole back of the plane that for me but We'll we'll talk about that later. When when we speak offline but anyways this you'll see card was phenomenal. It was great it had no seats and all on how late it was. You know what. I'm saying the after party but it is what it is always the first fight. We had paul crank from scotland guy was he. He'll i drew mcintyre cousin. Coming out here. you know what i'm saying. It was this was like a mel gibson in braveheart came out with a with the pain on the way in him and into mel hill. Where we're going back to back talking junk to each other last night. We had a mobile silence. Of course wyman

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