The Disappearance of Kim Ghelkins and Her Ties to Pee Wee Gaskins


It didn't take long to zero in on gaskins as a suspect. Investigators were aggressive pounding the pavement looking for leads. That's when they met the mother of dennis. Bellamy diane bellamy and johnny nights. She reported her three children or also missing Mrs night brought the story to ahead. Marianne griffin began it permission. I gave information. That people in the neighborhood are all missing. They would also learn jesse. Judy and johnny sellers were missing and the common denominator in these missing persons. Was pee wee gaskins when they arrived at his home peewee. Wasn't there but the detectives did me sandy. The donna gaskins. It was the ex wife. Sandy who gave the detectives the lead they were looking for. Sandy snell gaskins told the police that peewee and cam often in prospect. Knowing kim was last seen with pee wee gaskins police quickly obtained a search warrant for pee-wee's trailer ninety miles away in prospect. It was there. They found clothing. That belonged to kim calkins. They also found a stolen car on his lot and he was arrested that same day for auto theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor took her out across county allows. It was a minor charge as far as compared to murder was certainly series and have to put him back in jail still. There was no sign of kim calkins who had been missing for nearly sixty days. Police detectives tracked down walter. Neely pee-wee's close friend and applied pressure. Walter buckled but. He had no idea where kim was. He didn't know we had taken her to stay with his daughter. Shirley and gaskins and her husband howard evans. Police knew she wasn't there anymore. Shirley ann thought camp had gone to indiana where she had some family. So police were in a bind. Walter had taken them to pee wee's burial grounds and they were knee deep in digging up bodies but still no word on kim calkins dead or live.

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