A highlight from Howard Speaks: Doc, I practiced through the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers


Doc eight practices the two thousand eight bankruptcy. Lebron's rather i met. The financial crisis led to the great recession investors which were record one hundred ninety six billion from their money market accounts twenty twenty euro. Two thousand eight. I've been contacting my buddies at henry. Shine benko in twenty twenty benko close. Fewer accounts do the collection payment issues than either twenty eighteen or twenty nineteen in fact in twenty twenty the number of accounts. Close benko according to my buddy chuck cohen. Who's the managing director of benko and the only man to this day. I ever read his name in the harvard bizzare v. I can still remember sitting in the airplane. Holy moly shut bay. The harvard business review. He said there are practice. Retirement sells the closures actually declined twenty percent in two thousand twenty over twenty eight nineteen and athlete through twenty twenty in june now. The numbers indicate the trend is still holding. Study why the federal gut programs support dennis only the p p p paycheck protection program. Actually work can you imagine that. A government program that work hallelujah. Then go ahead. Fewer collection issues in twenty twenty versus two prior ears fares of the pandemic leading to either an exodus of dentist from the professional to hell. Financial fears are an overall consolidation due to dso acquisitions were massively overblown. In fact fewer dennis closed due to retirement cells closer than the previous two years probably due to a combination of either a slowdown in practice. Acquisitions by the largest players and directly after the shutdown and dennis deciding to remain in practice post pandemic possibly because they're not worth declined after the pandemic and i've been telling young associates adam for thirty years that when you get a job in associate he's and the and that the dentist says well i'm sixty four. I'm gonna retire next door to sixty five and never happens. Every time they get to retirement date they decided. They need to upgrade their ford. One fifty two to fifty need to remodel their wife goes out and buy something crazy. So dude. I spent the weekend for father's day at great wolf lodge. That place was packed. We're back baby. It's up to you to start operating like we're back time. That is so hilarious.

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