Practicing African Traditional Religions


Thank you so much for joining us today. he may. Of course you so much. For having me i really appreciate a huge fan. Thank you likewise. I wonder if you can start by just telling us a little bit more about who you are and how you got started in your practice so my name is a he. May aura also known as iae our nation would assume until adiel long name right. I even priests initiated into the sightings of ethos. Sean go greenlee. i am nigerian. I was born in nigeria in biden city. I immigrated to small town in florida. When i was around four years old even though i was disconnected from like my roots and my traditions my mother was really the one responsible for keeping things live. She would be the one telling me stories of our ancestors shoot. You always the one telling me about songa before why the new shovel was. I wasn't even really to that like the school nights. She would always tell amazing stories. They know nigerian moms dramatics. She would always be a movement in the in the voice raise about this only homaizi so through her and threw her being very deliberate and connecting me with our ancestors as we are kind of forced to assimilate as immigrants. I've been able to keep that connection. As i grew into my spirituality amicably as i found my elders as i was able to reach back it was really through the help of my mother. Doing what she could. You know so. That's definitely the foundation. Apart from you my

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