Getting Over Yourself With Insight Meditation Society Co-Founder Joseph Goldstein


I had the pleasure of watching some talks that you had given recently where you were talking about. What are known as the three proliferating factors. I think i have that right. Am i using the terminology correctly proliferating tendencies. What do you mean by that. And then what are they. Okay so i just out of general interest. I just want to mention the pali word for that. For liberating tendency polly's the language you know of the ancient buddhist tax because it's it's one of those terms that comes up frequently even in our modern discourse on the teachings so just to familiarize. I'll listen to that term. It's puncher and i like the pilot because it sort of as onomatopoeia sort of sounds like what it is. I'm it's just the mind for liberating elaborating from the bear elements of our experienced from the building blocks of our experience. We then build hold worlds and then get meshed in one way or another in those worlds and so there are three main tendencies which lead us in that direction. It's very helpful to become aware of them to distinguish between them and to learn how to free from them if not completely at least to have more wisdom in relating to them when we see them rising to let's basically what poncho these proliferating tendencies of mind it expands in quite a powerful way just the complexity of all lives particularly with regard to how sufferings created and how we can Become a little more free. When i've used the word historically. I must be using the sanskrit version. Because i have often said pro-panchayat it sounds like that. Difference between pauline since group which are very close. I love the term pro poncho or puncher. We're however you want to pronounce it or spell it and i've heard a translated as the imperialistic tendency of mind in. And that you hugh you take a data point from the present moment like you stub your toe and you colonize the future with his holy. Why am i always the guy who's stubs toe you know. This is gonna hurt forever and what you're talking about here. Are these three sort of runaway trains of punch that are really three of the main contributors to how we suffer as humans.

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