A highlight from BK welcomes Laurence Holmes


With brandon krisztal. I want everything i want. All the meatballs and pasta. Friday broncos country of course. It's always a football friday. On the broncos daily podcast go when the broncos have a rookie minicamp and it truly is a football friday. I was over there watching practice. Wanted to give you the very exciting report before. I shared this podcast. Which you hear my conversation with lawrence actually talk last night. But then i wanted to pair it with the sound from today's work and so vic fangio davonte williams. Pats are tan all talked. I want you to hear that as well because we haven't heard from vic at least in this setting since the combo conversation with he and george peyton following the draft. But you're gonna hear victoria about the right tackle situation as well as the quarterback battle. And so i figured i might as well let you hear a little bit from vic now. I was a little skeptical about seeing them back on the field. Because you're always going to be a little gun shy around these parts with what happened jeff harmon in two thousand fifteen where tears acl at rookie minicamp. And since then the broncos just basically a rookie symposium last year. They didn't do anything after the draft. But the symposium was essentially like two days of orientation with meetings and understanding everything around the building and and what it meant to be a pro and come into this organization what. You'll need to know when you blend in with your new teammates here starting this week however many teammates are actually in the building but bec- explains why he wanted to have both or all the rookies. Go through this as they don't even have enough to feel the full team and watching it today. It seemed pretty basic odds that they would be able to do enough. He did say there'd be some seven on seven where someone gets hurt. Yes people can get training. We get that what happened to john. James and speaking of that back. Have bobby massie signed. And then cameron fleming. They're both a part of that veteran workout with five or so vets on wednesday massey. There were quick to sign. He's likely going to be the star. I was told cameron fleming who swung and played a lot of right and left in his career and started not started. But one a couple of super bowls as a member of the patriots. He's going to really compete. With calvin anderson to be true swing tackle. Maybe keeping both when they probably do unless there's another project they like You know and they signed ryan pope. I think he would fall into that category as well but they like some things. Anderson does concern that he just made never be strong enough to really be down down out tackle in the league although he handled himself well in the carolina game when he was thrust into action and had to start because garrett bowles got what i believe is food poisoning of some sort so cameron fleming when you look at the number that he signed for verse mass. He signed for and the chance of massive. Make an extra million bucks. He realize massey. It's his job to lose. That's gonna talk to lawrence homes. It gets the low down on massey and we have a nice long chat about massey about just feels about aaron rodgers. Lawrence homes does mid days on the score and does a bunch of stuff in chicago as always been a great friend of the pot and a great friend of mine so it was good to get his insight. But let me hear from vic fangio. Today and then pastor tan and john williams williamsville. Here's coach fangio talking to the media to start his press conference and the first question asked him was. What do you want to accomplish with rookie. Minicamp well teach them a lot of stuff. Molly house just job one and we just had a walk-through out there and i was impressed with what the guys able to learn and the meetings that we had with them last night in the morning and it was. They did a good job now. I tempo little different than life. But i think they've done a good job. Earning up to this point. And that's what we need to continue. And then secondly off topic from rookie camp. You're right tackle situation. How big of a blow is loosened. John you know how. What do you think your situation with. End two guys. You know obviously sad disappointed with what happened with john. You know that numbers at at a low amount at the acquisition that they only have three on the roster at that time so after he was injured. So we definitely had to go get you guys in Signed bobby massie. Slamming guys played in the late show. Going gonna set up the competition for that position. It goes running vic. Thanks for the time. I wanted to ask you about pets. And you said after the draft that he's a guy that you think could play inside if you guys needed him to but will the plan. This offseason kind of work everywhere. Whether it's ethnical on the outside how you guys plan on approaching him in your slot him in wells just like you said because as you guys know you've heard me say many times you know there's five in sixty bs on the field a lot in the nfl anymore. We're no different than many of the other teams. So i mean he's capable of having some position flexibility. It help says get our so-called best players on the field at the same time so we're you know we need corners that play inside that he's had some experience doing that in college. I think he's probably capable of it. We'll never know for sure until we could amend there but he's definitely got it. We want to teach the inside positions at some point quickly.

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