Leicester City Lift 1st FA Cup



The city for the first time in the club's history when the fa cup goodness me into sweat. But i think the deserved at the end. You mentioned that we were watching. The game chelsea woke up too late. Tim selection all these things. We'll talk with jokes but from less. He's perspective. I think one i shot in the for the manager who i consider one of the best out there you know. He's done a great job. Eleven that celtic during again it. That's it looks like it'll be in the top. Four is not done yet. Looks likely did it. Without is most influential. Johnny evans who played. But it wasn't so hot to reorganize we've talked about is getting forward we're talked about quality is not for. Belgium is done again on one of the biggest stages. Wanna go that was. I don't talk at the other end. When goalkeeper needs to make a save cost plus michael one of the best saves. I've seen for many a year in any game mason strike and it's so good to have the funds for these players on the support estate joy this moment unless they're and my opinion thought deserving of this coveted

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