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On time Traffic news and weather on the Patriot drivers should look out for a crash on 6 96 eastbound at Campbell Hilton. It's blocking the right shoulder was found 6 96 that evergreen, you have a stolen vehicle blocking the right lane of the exit ramp. Stop and go traffic both north and south bound US 23 between Thompson wrote in Hill Road. The left lane is closed in both directions for construction, and you can expect delays to continue all the way through mid July as that's how long the project is set to last. You want to have 12 Mile road closed in both directions between gross back highway and 94. This is due to construction and the roadway should re open on Monday evening. So until then, seek a different mile road instead. Slow traffic on him. 59 eastbound between Mount Road and Van Dyke 94 eastbound is slow between 6 96 and 12, Mile South bound 75 slow traffic between seven mile and the Davison Freeway and North bound 75 slow traffic between eight mile and 14 mile. Your weather forecast you have Ah, low tonight of 46 with clear skies tomorrow High of 66 Sonny. Currently it is 68. Cloudy

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