Insomniac Is Working on a Multiplayer Game


Games has largely focused on single player titles over the last few years producing big hits rationing clink ripped apart in marvel spider man for the playstation but it seems studio has plans to work on a multiplayer project. Although exactly what this could be is anyone's guess a job advert posted by insomniac. Mentions the developer has five new job openings for most player project and quote. Insomniac is looking for a creative director systems. Designer story lead art director in via affects artists. That doesn't give much away but the systems designer job description does mention having a thorough understanding of may they combat systems and design emboss zion useful experience the designer would help develop combat navigation progression economy for multiplayer environment. Make of that what you will. Naturally this provoked a fair bit of speculation on social media. Could this be a standalone game or multiplayer mode for predominantly single player. Game some are hoping for revival of scifi shooter resistance while others think it could be a co-op four future spider man title give it insomniac has just released rationing claims ripped apart. It can be quite some time before we hear the actual

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