A highlight from Gab and Juls: Has Southgate found Englands formula?



In west london summer. Here new euros are here. The copa america is here will be getting into all that. So many things going on. We'll be getting into the home and game as well because walls. Maybe you meant frank de boer when review revise if your best in the world value go instead. Wembley i was. There is weird being at wembley with. What has there yeah. four game gb. Croatia one. i'll tell you what those first fifteen twenty minutes. England came out of the gate so hard and so fast. Everything works. i thought to myself. Wow they're not gonna keep this up are they. And they didn't know they got the three points and all around. I thought played. Well yeah i. I still think they could have kept being more intensity i thought and block. Maybe that maybe was further south england as you know so you used. Maybe it's what we said on thursday on the show if you let crush dictate the tempo of the game which is two miles an hour because their old team that keep the ball really well. Then that's why. I think you almost fall asleep yourself as an opposition team however you go for the if you press if you play with intensity then does where does where you too good for them and i was just think england didn't do enough about it doesn't matter they want. I think logically. The father did never ever worn that first game. They gave me not in euros. Great defer defy was our wembley. Even maybe the there was a few from nine six euros wembley game against germany and south vietnamese wherever psychologically great and now let's hope that we can get a better because i was still left to be like okay. They won't start school at good for him. A harsh critic. I don't think i do. You know where you could keep up that pace of the first fifteen twenty minutes the whole game. What i liked about it is. They took their foot off the gas understandably. Croatia grew into the game But then when they needed to kind of get things going again they did it. So i mean. I think if a team can raise that energy on that level mint certain for certain key moments in the game while not conceding defensively. I'm okay with that. I was really interested when i saw the line of. There's so much debate back. Three back was due. He certainly through a few few kerrville curveballs. Starting i think with raheem sterling at centre forward. I think he was a little bit hit or miss. I don't know people scored the goal a lot of credit one. The man of the match award. I don't know. I think maybe somebody else. But the one thing when sterling is not not top of his game he still works incredibly hard and he's incredibly. I think intelligent off the ball defensively so again with hindsight. I didn't think maybe it was that surprising when the alternatives are. You know marcus record who. I don't think he's fully fit yet. So maybe maybe it made sense. Can we give southgate some love. Their yes central wasn't even in the twenty three. Neither was ben show. Which kinda surprised me. Unless they're not right. Yeah i was really surprised. I i think i think is turning a loss of confidence and maybe that go and fight they swimming gold and its way grew up and all of that. Maybe that will that will bring back. Olov that confidence but they are sony. I thought the first i they had it was upside anyway but the flick from cane. He didn't know what to do when he crossed the baldwin. Mount pretty over the top across the board didn't know what to do in the second half that volley blasted over the baa again. Okay escorts courts. You're going to be lucky. On the way i go so good for him if that can bring bugaboo confidence because when he's when he's confident i think is a much better play of course like all the players bastard think shoot gambled to play that out not paid off. We'll be breaking england down. Further including calvin phillips the yorkshire as he's now known butleigh word a word on croatia Inevitably he's a human being. He's going to be torn between the veterans. And the youngsters i was. I thought god y'all did really well on the right surprised proper derek. You know but. I think missing that they do misses a physical presence Saw petkevich come on does provide physical problem is. He's not particularly good. No he's not very i. Ricardo has to start the he brings so much more pace and energy then even a cromer playing on the ryan side which. I don't think he's position. I think you're right as is tempted to keep the guys who did so well in two thousand eighteen most of them. But i just i just. I was very disappointed. I tweeted the got four megs in the first half which i thought was amazing and i love that magazine. Oh but it's not. It's not good enough guten now. I think it's together. They've gotten up hill now for croatia. I still think they can. They can advance to the knockout phase. All right let's get a little more granular here with england. Pickford active mentioned this. I mean he didn't have any particularly big saves to make or whatever. But i did notice that again his kicking. I think there were at least three different clearances where he either shank or senate straight out. Is that just nerves. I don't expect them to be taken. Yeah he's incredible power in his left for the new currency whatsoever. He doesn't know you know you can't play from the back. I technically not good. Yeah it's i guess it's not necessarily a big deal if he plays it safe all the time it just he gave. He gave off the impression when he did that. As somebody who you know maybe it was more mental than then technical. But you know we know what's fascinating me just slightly quickly. On this debate left-footed players are usually more gifted technically than right-footed. All all of them okay. You've got some maybe not but but usually when you left footed you are your technically more than rights which is right and one hundred percent. Sure that that's actor. Because i intuitively. I would assume that that would not be the case. Because if you're if you're right footed you face more competition right so like there's think. Eighty percent of the population is is right is right footed. Let's say right right. So i wear on the team and let's say you and the producer graham are the there's a spot for the left wing position and you're left-footed you're going to get it. Yeah even if graham is more gifted in graham has to go and play the against producer. Freddie who of course is much better technically gifted regular. But there's something about left-footer in the way they did. I think technically there is. There is but yet for goalkeepers like yours or pick fits that terrible reasonable. I just i don't. I don't understand it because you just have to play out the back. He was just saying the same. Very deflating when it happens but you know it's a big deal. I thought stones in minks did okay. But i think there will be better when maguire is into was your usual stones mistake with england though that the board straight to shoot voted the white. I thought carl walker at right-back And and obviously the trickier as right footed left back which is done very little. I thought that was odd. I don't know if it's not clear. How fit chill will is. I wonder if you're luke shaw. You're saying well this

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