Bucks Bounce Back to Beat Nets and Force Game 7



We begin today with the milwaukee bucks going wire to wire to defeat brooklyn by fifteen points last night. Kevin durant scored thirty two for brooklyn but it took him thirty shots to get it. Chris middleton and janta compo- were much better they combined for sixty eight points and twenty seven rebounds and they shot twenty-three for thirty six wilpon does milwaukee's performance lead you to believe they can go to brooklyn and win game seven they can. Yes tony and you outlined all the important numbers all of them. And then there's one that's even more important it's zero number of three pointers jacked up by answers compo- none he didn't do it. He kept his big strong quick fast. Talented self in the space where he should be. Don't eat what you. I've been screaming for even the previous series. He kept himself near the basket and did his work there and stop jacking up those shots now. We know they can do it will they. I mean that's the first smart gamed. The bucks have played in. This series should have won the series already. If they had taken the same tact particularly with onto the kupu. But i do. I have faith that they will go with that same recipe. I don't know that. I have that faith. What about you. okay. So yes i agree with you that they can win right and one of the ways they could win as if pj tucker was able to do to kevin durant again in game seven what he did in game six. Because tucker was plus thirty and durant was minus seven but mike game six was not critical for brooklyn. They had a game to play with because the critical game for them was game five and they want it so for every home team has won. You have to tell me why that's going to change now. I look back on game five. And i see kevin durant scoring forty nine points. He's a great great player. I somehow have faith that if it's up to him to win game seven at home. He's going to win it.

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