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Now hi everyone and welcome back to ageless so it is just kit and cynthia on today's episode. We had major technical difficulty. But we are here and we are very happy to be chatting with you guys just the two of us this week. We have some stuff that we've just been talking about over the past few days. It's definitely been coming up for me a lot in my life and we wanted to touch on the subject of faking it till you may get until you make it and the i think when people hear that a lot of times they have almost like visceral reaction like i. I don't want to get into i may get. I wonder what he wants to be a faker. Yeah no one wants to be a figure everyone wants to even when you brought it up in utah Said we should do a a an episode about baker. Till you make it. I was like. I don't like that message out it totally. It sounds like a bad idea. But i think when you think about just getting started with new things there's always a phase where you have to fake it a little bit. You can't enter any new experience being an expert and so in the beginning of things whether it be in career and relationships and friendships you have to take it a little bit and you have to oversell almost a bit in the beginning. So i think it's i think it's an important concept to talk about because i've definitely been faking a little bit in my life recently. Maybe it's just like this post grad period but in all honesty. I think anytime you're entering a new chapter in your life And there should always be new chapters new things or trying like you're going to have to fake it a little. I think it's like you know who has that much competence that they go into a situation like i got this you know i'm a hundred percent. You know knowledgeable. And in. I know everything i need to know. Nobody nobody goes in like that. You go in with like oh shit. I don't know i'm scared. You know you're not scared. I always said that if you're not a little bit scared than yeah why bother. Why do you should be a little bit scared. And then would i guess what goes hand in hand without his like that Kinda scary fake until you make it. But sometimes i think that you need to mask the scared feelings a little bit and kind of jump right in and that's where the fake it till you may get attitude comes in because if you're just scared and timid sometimes that will you know put people off or make. It seem like you truly don't know what you're doing when if you have a little bit more gustavo than i think it can get you further. If you act a little bit later right gusto esto gustavo. I dunno vado tomato while so is definitely the the right thing to say. But if you have a little bit of be if you will coming into a situation Sometimes we can get you get you a little bit further so i wanted to talk about that a bit and i guess. Just ask you right off the bat. I'm sure there's been many situations in your career in your life where you had to fake it a little bit to get to where you are now so you can think of any. Oh yeah are you kidding. Me i read you know from from a small town in the midwest like you wanna be a fashion designer. What like that. doesn't you know. I had no knowledge. No background no. You know i know nothing to You know no foundation for anything so yeah coming to new york or even before i came to new york you know i mean the story about me. Getting started was i.

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