'Jerusalem Rising': Bringing Jesus' Prophecy to Life


Hey about that mike. Pompeo was that amazing. That's right. Mike pompeo all right. Let me remind you folks neutra medics. I don't know. Do we still have the thirty percent offers. The tiny though. I think there's thirty thirty percent. Okay if that's true folks go to neutral dot com. We've only got like a day left. I'm not joking. it's normally twenty percent off. They said we wanna do this. Special thing for you. Thirty percent off. Neutral dot com. I'm not kidding folks. this is like it's over tomorrow. Neutral dot com thirty percent. Use the code. Eric and before continue alvin. I just thought i would meant. I don't know if you're sensitive about this. But i'm just sitting here talking trying to program and i noticed you're suddenly wearing an eye patch. Yes what did something happen. That i should know. I think it's breaking news. Obviously you did not read it. Because i already know that there is a new strain of virus. Okay and i'll world how organization and out there on on top of this thing. Now they were able to get us to wear the masks right for for the last virus. Will this one from the caribbean. It's called the pirate pandemic all so the one so the one from from china the china the hung flu pandemic from china. That's kind of like old news. You're talking about a new virus from the caribbean. This is the new right so it seems to enter through the right eye. So you're supposed to now wear an eye patch so on. i'm doing it. I'm trying to lead the way. I'm ahead of the curve on this. While you're telling me we should all be wearing eyepatches on a right exactly exactly so so it. It came from the l. Apparently came from hard to ride a bicycle. It does because you perception anyway so so. So you're you're already on this all right. They said it came from a feather market. Apparently caribbean yes. Sick parrot they think okay but some people think it came from an unsanitised beer tap at the pnc park in pittsburgh where the pirates play. But from pittsburgh. I don't wanna take that you know that's one way or another it's tied into pirates because you've got the parrot in the caribbean. Yeah or the the the pnc got now. They said that if it saves just one line just one life out of the eight billion on the planet we should all wear the eye patch and they said that a couple of weeks it might actually affect the left eye as well. It's a new variant strains. Yeah so i'm i'm getting ready. I'm ahead of the game. Oh look at this so you got to ipads a nats how you show love i. If you're chris care you want to show people that you care about them do you. Don't wanna get them sick. You're gonna wear me centered

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